“This is where miss handa will carry on alone… miss desai can only be allowed to enter if she is needed on the basis of her educational and professional capabilities. “The monotonous tone of the secretary made them stop into an abrupt halt.


“But she is not only a friend but also an lawyer in progress… “Geet’s meek protest was rudely interrupted by her, “Was Miss.Desai invited here personally?and IF you engage yourself with any deal with the owner of our companies then you’re in need of a lawyer… I don’t see miss desai fitting into any criteria given into this situation… so the answer to your demands are simply negatory my dear. Now you wouldn’t want to keep our boss waiting. He’s ruthlessly famous for his insane  punctuality. Till then Miss desai can wait in the exclusive waiting room.”signaling a door on the left of the corridoor,The lady folded her hands and tapped her high heels on the floor signaling me to beat it.


Damn her confidence beat us up! No wonder She’s here… the professionalism is getting them really nervous. Meera urged her to carry on and assured her she’ll be there with her when needed. And technically the secretary bitch was right. So geet had to grow some balls and confront him herself.


She followed the way and stopped at the cul-de-sac of the huge never ending corridor. The huge antique wooden door oozed out power and autority.Jeez what it this place! A freaky palace or something? Looking at the door she almost felt terrified  with its humongous size. Gulping down she knocked softly at the door…fearing the curved out ruthless evil faced would flared their nostrils at her for interrupting their stoned meditation.


The door opened on It’s own accord and she slowly went in. The Huge cabin looks nothing like the exterior nor the interior of the other parts of the building..  it looks so… ancient… yet classy as f**k.It reminded geet of a sixteenth century king’s court room. Stoned walls… with a massive fireplace with scary curved out garguels projected the gross touch of European mythology. She took in the beauty and the intensity of the cabin with awestruck expression… the ceiling is wayy too high for her liking…couple of chandeliers were hanging from high above the ceiling which were at the size of one big couch.& the unbelievable long walles are decorated with LARGE book shelves which totally covered the walls.. the bookwalls has to be 6storied tall.bacause of the wooden stairs and couch sitting arrangements placed in the between the bookshelves out of ebony.The amount of  books would put any country’s govt. Library to sheer shame.


“Holy f**king Shit “she murmured to herself looking up at the book wall which made her head go round and round.


the place was huge with a capital H and it was doing extremely good at making geet feel like a worthless bug. They say power relfects from your lifestyle… i say he f**king nailed the poverb. The aura screamed power in a sinister way… the dim light of the place though the presence of chandeliers was almost evil and mysterious.just like the owner.


Where is the owner?


“You should be ashamed of yourself for not showing up at the mentioned place this morning. I had waited for you for 20minutes.”The deep echoing authorative voice made geet gasp and turn to his direction.As much as she cared to admit… he looked fu**ing hot. That much sexiness should be declared as a federal offence. She continued to gape at him like an ape looking at a banana from far.and he had just washed his face and wiping it with a towel.


Is this possible that he grew more and nore handsome that she was thinking twice of badmouthing him on his face?


“Well speak up geet! I don’t got all day for you honey!”He urged and she perked up. Composing herself she opened her mouth.. “well..u..u  u told me you would kiss me…”


“And you’re saying… thats a bad thing?” He tilted his head innocently.


“Yes offcourse!!you can not just kiss someone u dont know! No one would ever allow it! “She snapped back… tried to reason with this hot nut case here.


“Well judging by my appearance and exterior  and the hourly income i produce i never had problems with female denial. “He smiled innocently at her.


Well he’s not wrong.


He’s f**king hot.


“Why am i here?…sir “she emphasis on the sir implying she doesn’t want to beat around the bush.


He glanced at geet while gesturing her to come forward and sit on the chair infront of his massive desk while bringing up some papers in front of him…sitting on his black valvate single arm chair.”i am more than eager to make a deal with you where the both party will be benefitted.”


Geet sat down and concentrated on what he was saying.


“…the deal is to entitle your 6hours a day for me.”


“…i.. what… is this like a job or something? “


“Yes… kind of.The tasks you would be doing will be higly classified and not even your back should know about what your front would be doing.”


“W…what..what would i be doing?Is it something sexual? Homicidal?” she stammered out of fear.


“no… just entertainment for my pleasure.. “


“In a total non-sexual way “she cut in… “and I’m just only here because my father’s reputation was at risk. “


“Why me… why would you ever choose me? I was just a stupid commoner minding my own business in the library… i didn’t even see u before in my life. Why would a person be interested in a girl like who has nothing to offer?! “Geet said with frustation.


He continued to look at her dead in the eye… his face flickered into something which made her heart churn out of terror. Theres something Serious going on that she is totally unaware of. She tried to understand the emotions behind his eyes abd he avarted them quickly down to the paoerworks.


“The white party,miss handa is not allowed to quary about the reasons of her selection for this’job’.and the benefits that the black party, Mr.khurrana will be recieving out of her services. “


“The interaction between the both parties will be in a safe non -sexual distance…and only will be crossed when the white party, miss handa is willing. “He looked up to geet with a mischievous glint in his eyes having a lopsided grin to which geet glared furiously.But As sexual activities are out of the table she is more relaxed.


“The white party will be getting a significant amount of currency in exchange to her daily 6hours which will be increased if her dedication is satisfactory, however reduction of salary is allowed if white party shows revolt in circumstances which the black party wont approve of.”


“What the hell man ?what would i get out of it??? “She slammed on the table and yelled.


He didn’t took his eyes of the paper and continued to read as if nothing happened “…in exchange of the deal… the social status of white party will be intact or elevated and the financial loans of the party’s family will be paid off in a classified manner to the family & the media when the wite party officially agrees to the deed. “


“what do you say? My dear Miss handa “he looked up from the paperwork and at her with a beautiful boyish smile that she, in her miserable state… adored.
Omygod,I’m finally resuming Hemlock!!This is really happening!eeek!
From now on i will continue all my stories in pure English because i’ve been getting readers from different languages. yay!
Hope this MSK can be a panty dropper 😉
Happy reading :*

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