”Is she here yet…?” Maan leaned backwards to adi and asked slowly during the business presentation.

”No sir…but it’s confirmed that she was present in her college…she went to her college after making sure her door is fixed.”

Maan clenched his jaw tightly thinking about the girl’s audacity.She didn’t show up at the college’s conference room. She didn’t meet him…she didn’t bother to meet him…He chose her because she wasn’t affected to his looks,money…welleverything..!

But he didn’t know that she could give a damn to his orders!

Despite the threats…!

He was looking straight at the projected screen clenching his jaw tight thinking about geet.

And the poor clients were nervous like hell seeing him like that…they signaled their ”last attempt” to take the lead.

A ‘not so decent’ dressed lady of the other clients stood up and take the lead onwards.Her dirty body language ,dress up and double meaning words captivated everybody’s concentration on HER…!

Except one.

”I would like to see ur company’s quality…not urs…so sit down and let the previous person continue.”

The girl’s face got red out of shame and she instantly left the lead.

Maan suddenly stood up…and told with  determinant voice,”we will un pause this meeting at Saturday 3pm.”

all agreed without question…they very clearly understood that By sending that girl…they’ve done a HUGE mistake…he could have end this deal right away…but after giving the next date,he’s given them a second its better to shut up and get the hell outta here.

Maan came back to his cabin and called adi to come here.

Just then Adi came here saying,‘sir she’s here…and..uh…umm…’

‘and what..??’he greeted his teeth…he was furious at geet and was charging himself ro blast on her the moment she would enter.

‘…and…umm…she brought her friend’ saying this Adi made himself ready for the tornado which was about to come.

‘Send Them in.’ he said in slow voice…dangerously.


8 hours ago…

”U rich people know only how to break and destroy things! Destroying things are easy…but repairing is difficult…very difficult…”

‘Why repair when u can afford a replacement…??” Maan said lazily taking his cell phone out and said, ”bring it up.”

”Bring up what..?”geet asked being alarmed.

‘Ur mumma’s door.”he said getting up and heading to the kitchen and sat on the stool.

Geet looked at him and wondered how shamelessly he’s roaming around the house…and how to broom him out.

”Come on…make me my morning coffee geet.”

geet said,’I’m sorry for asking it one more time…what type of dog are u..??”

maan cutely smiled at geet and said ,‘it’s ok…I’m gonna answer the same thing like before…one of a kind.”

geet started to say something but maan cut her off,’‘What u want me to stay or go…give me my morning coffee and i’m good to go.”

geet looked at him being alarmed and switched on the coffee maker.

Maan got up and went to the main door and signaled the workers to get on with their works fast…they very swiftly and silently unclasp the damaged door and attached the new door…within 1o minutes.

Getting the new lock’s keys and sending them out…he went back to the kitchen…and found geet pouring the coffee on a mug.

The coffee maker was working with so many sound that she didn’t hear the mild sounds of the workers.

Maan entered the kitchen and hugged her from behind.Geet gasped out…thank god her pouring was done otherwise she would burn her hands.

She put the mug aside and jerked away from the hug.

‘get away from me…!!’she was disgusted and exhausted.

‘what it’s our morning hug na..??’maan pouted cutely.

”Btw…ur door’s done…and the keys of it are on ur side table,”he said giving her the door’s keys and going to her room and entering her washroom.

”What…?when…??’‘geet said shocked.

She went to the door and saw the exact new version of their door is placed there…the lock is new…the door is new…but there is no old significant back patch of regular handling on the door around the lock…mumma would…oh wth…anyone could see it’s a new door!Lots of works to do…to make it look normal.

Geet kept thinking how to lie in front of her mumma that she washed it so well that it’s looking like a new one now.

Maan went to geet wiping his head with her purple towel…he took a quick bath and wore his previous get-ups.

Geet looked back at him and said being super red,”how dare u bath here..??”

”…I too have my routine morning habits u know…now where’s my coffee..??”

Geet glared him and brought him the coffee.

”Take this and get the hell out”she started to push him to the main door.

”But the mug…??”Maan laughed…he found her pushing him humerus.

Oh no no…U can keep it…I’ll tell mumma i fed a dog with it…so i threw it away to the bin.’

She pushed him out of the house and locked the door with a thud…then ran to her room and called some one…“Meera…tu so rahi hain..!!..Uth ja…panga ho gaya…”


*Flashback ends*

“Yaar…mujhe aabhi bhi ye saab kuch ek funny sa dream hi lag rahi hain…Chal bhag lete hain yaha se…”Geet suddenly said getting up from the chair of the lavish waiting room of Khurrana Main brunch.

“Tu pagal hain..??”Meera pulled her down and made her sit again saying,“We had checked the door 100 times yaar…it’s new…and what about the smoking smell…it’s All REAL!!”

“He came to ur College today na…why didn’t u meet him there…u could make out something from his eye language then na..?Budhu..!”Meera whacked her softly.

“He said he would kiss me there…!I told u na..??”geet said with scary voice.

Meera sighed a deep breath and said with calmness,”Ok…calm down…we’re not gonna panic…we have to observe him…and try to figure out what the main deal is capish..??”

“Ur the boss here..i’ll do what ever u say lawyer ma’am…”geet leaned in and put her head on her shoulder.

“It would be so much of a peace if it’s a dream.”
Geet sighed.

“Auntie will be here in a week…we have to solve this problem as soon as possible geet…don’t freak out baby. “Meera said in slow voice.

Meera is Geet’s school and college friend…after college Meera went to law school…and geet chose medical…but they still r besties and as they live in same area…their bond is very strong for that.Meera is calm and composed type girl…she Likes geet cause she’s a carefree girl..but she has the guts to stand up against the wrong.

So when geet told her that panga ho gaya…she really thought it was a serious thing…she came over to her place…and heard every single thing about what happened and told her to work as a team from now on.

Geet entered the room and saw maan looking at her with red eyes...and his grin on his face just seeing her made geet hault for some seconds...this is a reality…!!!

And a Heck of a kind…!!!

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  1. it is long long time i was missing this ff and today i have seen on ur blog but still no more updates last part i read was part 7 afterwards u never updated are u going to update this?

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