Hustle bustle and the noises went down a bit and geet looked at the entrance to see who came like rest of them.She was feeling horrified as she was diping her head down she could feel every eyes on her.thank to the stars that some one entered and snatched that attention.

She looked at the entrance and the view made her gulp and decide in her tiny brain no to come across their path…ever.

5 boys,tall,strong and extremely handsome and seems like they r pretty much aware about it.Five girls r clinging on to them.Those girls r of minimal clothing,as if a competition with themselves ,However the middle couple caught her attention.By the appearance as well as the look they were giving to each other and the rest of the students,they r probably the ‘IT’ couple of the college.they now stopped in a corner and started to chat and kiss and play with their hars n all,minding their own business,where as the rest of the ppl were gaping at them like a famous TV show.

‘hey white kameez!’ someone whispered from her right and she moved her gaze to the girl who was calling maybe her.

A girl in simple kurta n jeans was looking at her.Geet looked at her little scared and gave her a simple smile.

but the girl whispered,
‘R u freakin mad loly pop?’

she immediately backed away a little with her sudden mini outburst.

Sensing her fear her face soften and she whispered,’If u wanna live ur 2 years of clg life in peace then get out butt outta that seat,U don’t wanna mess with them!’

Geet gave her a puzzled look and the girl whispered quickly,’I’ll explain to u later,but now move ur but outta there.’

geet noded and was just about to get up with her bag,two manly hands was placed just infront of her desk with a thud,she looked up being scared to see the owner of those hands.

The boy of that ‘IT’ couple was looking down at her…boaring her down.She guessed it right,He was the leader of that gang,but right now,those girls r not in the class.this is not their class maybe.

She was looking at him with so much fear that she failed to see how he was looking at her face, anyone can see he was definitely enjoying the view in front of him.

The other 4 boys were standing behind him as if they were his submissive.

She abruptly was standing up trying to leave the seat but stopped midway as he raised a hand to stop her…and she did stop, looking at him being more scared now.

He kept looking at her without saying anything,clearly checking her out,her face her dress,her hair…She was feeling damn sorry for herself and scared as she understood she’s being bullied now.

He muttered slowly to his 4 men not moving his gaze from geet,’Guys,go and sit down, i’ll join u in a moment’.

They all nodded and sat down to their respective seats and those were the 4 seats around geet,she looked around looking at them seating surrounding her seat.By Now the classroom has gotten quiet as they’ve smelt drama in the center of the room.In this pin drop silence, Part-51(II)

She now determinedly got her bag and stood up and tried to get away from the seat.she was raged with all the ppl who were staring at her right now,gossiping and smirking and giggling at her fate.

She stood up and slided to the right but suddenly he grabbed her wrist,she gasped at his audacity to touch her and hold her.He gave her a crooked smile and was just about to say something but to her mercy the professor entered the classroom and everybody stood up to greet him.With that chance geet jerked her hand out of his grip and quickly went to the girl who warned her recently about them.

The girl said slowly,’I was reserving this seat for my frnd but i think u need this seat more than her’. With that she sat on the seat and all the other students sat with her.She settled herself and looked at her left behind the girl’s head,He was still looking at her.She immediately looked straight forward scolding herself for looking there at him.
‘U weren’t there at the orientation class,were you?’the girl whispered.

‘Sorry,,,no’Geet answered in a low voice.

‘Obviously,cuz no one would dare to seat there…unless she wanna be a toy of them for the rest of her clg life,even further…’before she could finish geet asked,’oh my! t..t..that means i’m..m..m their target’

She looked at her and looked forward again smiling,’Pretty girls can always hope right?’

‘Btw i’m Simi…as in Simran’she smiled at her.

‘Simran is a n..nice name’geet smiled at her genuinely.

She looked at her being amused,’Your not from here r u,doll face?’

she nodded no with a shy smile,and Simran smiled amused seeing her shy shy gesture.God this china doll doesn’t belong in this hard core world.

‘Btw whats ur serial no.?’

‘121…’Geet answered looking ahead as the teacher was calling their rolls,he was still at 76.

‘well i’ll be damned!i’m 120!’simi gave a huge grin to geet.and Geet bounced back her best smile to her.

‘So,What’s ur name?’she whispered.


‘Pretty girl’s got a pretty name.’she smiled at her.

Geet smiled shyly looking down.

‘OMG,ur blushing red here with me,wonder what’ll u do with ur hubby!’

It was a silly remark but it brought back the memory of their car romance and She was like a beet root,she looked down and bit her lower lip to stop her blush and stupid grin.

‘omg ur a hopeless little girl’ Simi laughed pressing her mouth with her palm.’stop blushing remembering ur future hubby…our roll’s coming up’

with that geet pulled herself together and responded to her roll call.

Before sitting down she noticed almost everyone was looking at her as well as that boy who almost made her first day a comedy show.

She sat down and realized every other eyes were shifted to see the next roll but His eyes were still on her,she frowned and looked back at him,he smiled at her while poking mindlessly his lip’s corner with a pen.She looked forward frowning more and put out her book and work book.

‘..Faltu ppl..’geet mummerd frowning

Cutely and making a small pout,and simi was left with awe!

She’s defo a piece to protect from the world.

Simi looked down at her watch and muttered,’That snoring bit*h!’

geet looked at her with jaw dropped,and simi rolled her eyes!’sorry for bestie…she’s still sleeping i guess,late night party is a bit*h u know…oh sorry again..’

geet smiled being unsure and concentrated on the board.

The rest of the hour was uneventful.

At the office,

Maan was signing some papers in his room and Mr.Handa was telling his childhood story of flying kites n all as a background music.It’s been 2 goddamn hours since his meeting with Handa industries ended and Mr.Handa was supposed to go then.But he stayed for a ‘chit-chat’ to know each-other ‘better’. Maan’s head was on the verge of blowing with all those non stop talking. But he can’t even tell him to stop or to go away!

He stuck a polite smile on his face and kept saying hmm…ji…off course…ur right…oh really…and so on while doing his usual works in office.

To his mercy it was lunch hour and finally Mr.Handa had the realization of the time.

”…oh Good Lord look at the time!Time n tide waits for non huh!”he let out a big laughter shaking his whole body and Maan said sarcastically making a face(off course not showing himLOL),’Ji…’

”Ok time for me to go beta,now don’t hold me back,i really have to go otherwise my dear wife will scold me calling me…and i don’t want to be scolded in front of the new generation..”He laughed again in such manner, quaking his whole body that Maan too chuckled.

”Ok now i remember why i stayed back!I was about to invite u and ur lovely wife to our house for brunch, what do u say young man?tomorrow?”

”well…umm…She is a college student and…”

”Oh…well education come first always…no doubt..”he said impressed,and happy and proud.

”then dinner???plz don’t say no, my wife insisted.”He said in such a manner Maan couldn’t say no.

‘what r u saying sir,we’ll come…but as we haven’t announced our relation in public,we don’t attend in social gathering…”

”Oh no no we didn’t invite any others,just u two, and me n my wife.A cozy Family dinner.”Mr.Handa said with expectation.

‘We’ll be there at seven.’ Maan smiled…and Mr.Handa’s smile got bigger.

‘Ur a savior son,ok we’ll see u two tomorrow then,goodbye!’ he hugged Maan one last time and went out of his cabin happily.

He bid him good bye with a smile and sighed tiredly sitting back on his chair.’bring me a cup of coffee plz.’he called on phone and leaned back,his head’s paining.He defo has to learn how to shut him up.

At Geet’s College:

the bell ring and the teacher got out,simi asked,’what’s ur next class?’


‘me too…lets go b4 Rahul catches us.’

‘that boy…’ b4 she could finish geet jumped up and got ready to go in a second,pulling her to the door.

‘Not bad geet,u know how to duck ppl,good!’simi said impressed.”I…have e e… experience..” she said slowly.



Simi didn’t give that Rahul guy any chance of coming to her in the off periods by sometimes hiding here and there,walking by the professors,roaming in front of the teacher’s cabin taking the mean time they get to know each other better,eventually she learned about geet’s speaking problem,when she was going for her spoken class…she being mute for a very long time,and she being an orphan.She instantly managed a soft corner for geet in her heart, and really felt sorry and protective against her,she was innocent and it oozes out whether she shows it or not.

And Geet learnt that Simi is middle class girl,having a simple family,simple but happy n peaceful life,which she always wished for.

”Well,today i saved u,but u can’t hide forever chick,u have to face him sooner or later…that too with confidence,aise chui mui banke nehi..”

she made a sad face and Simi rolled her eyes!uff!this girl’s capable of melting stones with her pup face!

The last bell was rang and they came out together till the clg gate,simi got on her scooty and asked whether she needed lift or not.Geet shook her head no politely.’Ok then see u later babes.’

and she drove away.

She took out her phone and switched on her phone.she called Maan and he instantly recieved,‘hello Geet?’

‘Maan…I..I don’t h have the driver’s Number..’
she stammered less than before and she was happy about it.

‘Don’t need to,i’m almost there…be in front of the gate,i’ll pick u up myself.’

‘Oh…ok.’Geet smiled a little.

She cut the call and turned around to see Rahul standing beside her… smoking a cigarette… and turned his head to her and smiled, ‘Hello,I’m Rahul,u?’

geet jumped away with HIS sudden unexpected sight,and held onto her bag tightly to make herself secure,god know how.

‘Y r u scaring that much,i’m not gonna scold u for sitting on my’s ur first day…i get it…To err is humane right?’

she looked at him with fearing eyes but to her good luck Maan’s car stopped just in front of her and she hurriedly get in the back seat.

Rahul looked at the car,it was a Mercedes Benz goddammit!and as the car is of protection glass(we know that right?Wink)he didn’t see anything inside.the moment geet closed the door shut,the car zoomed off.

”She’s F**king rich!”

She hopped on the car and just leaned on maan’s chest,exhostedly. Maan looked at her confused,‘tired jaan?’

”hmm…’‘she placed her head on his chest…sitting more close to him now.He smiled and started to graze his fingers through her hair.

‘So how was ur day?’he asked her slowly.

‘mmm…baad mein..’she whined cutely trying to catch some nap in his embress.

Maan chuckled seeing her antics,’Ok ok…baad mein.’and pecked her head softly.

Geet drifted to sleep in no time.

He sleep broke when the car stopped infront of their house.Geet looked around with her droopy eyes and found maan looking at her with a sweet smile.she smiled shyly and pushed her loose strands behind her ear conciously,she was so Much blushing with her actions in the morning that she was thinking of running away and hide somewhere in a corner of the house.But Maan cupped her one cheek with his hand and asked,’u up already?’seeing the driver leaving the car.

geet nodded shyly,Gawd!she was beet root red.’Geet u don’t have to be shy, whatever happened between us was completely normal,in fact i was wondering when will these days come…now look here it is..’He smiled at her face and she looked down more shy but now not embarrassed.

They went in their house and geet went in the washroom to freash up.and maan started to loosen his tie watching the TV.

Geet went out and saw him getting busy with TV,she held his wrist and pulled him to the washroom, ‘jaao,have a b…b..bath’

he looked st her being amused and went in to obey his cute wifey.

In the mean time,Geet went to the kitchen and supervised over their dinner and came back to the study room,doing her homework and study.

Maan came with some files to the study and found her busy with books,he smiled and joined her sitting opposite of her of the table.

‘can i seat here?’he sat there not waiting for her answer.

She gave him a dazzling smile to see him joining her.

‘so how did ur day went?did u make any frnds?’

”haan…her name is…umm..woh. err…bb bhul gayii…”she made a disapproving noise with a super self angry face.

“Suno…Whats this?”geet suddenly asked sumthing to him regarding a subject of her study and he too got busy explaining her things about it happily.he was glad he has gotten so close to her.


He was explaining a diagram to her in a rough page with rough patchwork,then there was a knocked on the door.

Maan turned to see the maid,she told him that the dinner is served.Maan nodded and told her that they’re on their way.

He turns to see geet and saw she still hasn’t remove her gaze from the page.she’s fully concentrating on whatever he’s just explained to her.

Her cute lips,pressed together,her doe shaped eyes gotten focused and her brows r arched due to the processing her mind is doing right now.Over all,she’s looking undenyably adorable.

Suddenly a smile formed in her lips and she looked at maan.’got it’and gave him her dazzlingest smile.

‘Then make another diagram,by urself. And show it to me.’He couln’t smile back after seeing her beautiful smile.She excitedly took another paper and started to make the diagram by herself…and maan was drooling over her.
Her every gesture was pleasuring him.Her happy self sitting with him,despite their dreadful past, was giving him goosebumps all over.He kept trying to force her,blackmailing her,intimidating her,loving her…but with a forced false hope that she could ever love him.And now when she IS,he just can’t believe it!It was just something beyond what he had wished for.

‘Ho…gaya!!!’Geet squeeled with happiness breaking maan’s chain throughts.He looked at her,she was showing him the diagram with her ear to ear smile.Who would want to look at the page ignoring this beautiful smile of this Beautiful girl.
He chuckled eyeing her excitement.and took the page,she looked expectedly at him,he glanced at her once and took a red pen from the pen holder.Geet’s nervous eyes followed the red pen.he smiled and gave a right mark and Geet giggled out of excitelment. Maan to was chukling at her baby wifey.

‘So ur study is done na?’Maans asked her as she started to gather up her books to place them in her table.

‘H..h..haan’she replied happily.

‘very good!See Its only 9pm and ur studies is done.Keep following this rutine,it’ll be relaxing for you.’

‘Ok…sir’Geet giggled.

Maan narrowed his eyes at her.She giggled more.

‘Achha?Sir bana diya?’ Suddenly a naughty idea popped into his mind.’Then I need my fees.’

‘Fees?one month..l..l..later..’ She giggled at him.

‘Huh!Do u know how expensive Maan Singh Khurrana’s time is Geet?i’ll take daily payments from you.’

‘Lekinn…mere pass… koi..paisa nei hain..’She looked down.being confused.
‘You can never afford me by money,darling.’

‘Toh…I’ll cook for you.’And maan shrinks!aww man!Her cooking sucked!He must change this aulternative otherwise it’ll make his stomach’s life hell.

‘Pagal ho kya?anything except your food’he gulped down.

‘Haww!How d..d..dare uuu!!’Geet pouted her lips and frowned at him.

His whole self got aroused seeing her angry just always turns him on.

‘I was thinking of other payments…hot chick’

Her whole face became beet root red and she squeeled,’Chiii…dur hato..dur hato!’But maan put up a naughty smirk and started coming closer opening his shirt’s bitton and Geet horrifiedly looked at him doing so.

‘Bandh karo…bandh karo’Geet sqirmed with her funny fear turning around and covered her eyes tightly with her palms.

She is one adorable doll!

But he was enjoying her reactions.’i haven’t open up anything yet and ur saying to close…’

She Looked back him and saw him opening his 4th button of shirt now.She sqweeked like a little girl and made a dash out of the door.

”Arre i was kidding geet!” he walked behind her laughing and giving up.He has freaked her out enough for today.

He came to the diner after freshening up only to see Geet waiting for him,she saw him and crossed her arms with an adorable pout,for the prank her played on her.He chuckled remembering her reactions and sat down beside her.

She consciously served him the food.He said thank you with a teasy smile and a naughty look and geet twisted her lips at him.He broke into a soft laughter and said,’Arre yaar!abb chor bhi do gussa’.

‘huh!’She ignored him totally and started to serve herself suddenly maan’s hand tried to stopped her from holding the soup’s bowl as it was excessive hot.But she didn’t realized it and grabbed it and immediately winced in pain with the burning sensation she felt in her left hand.Tears started dripping and with a big fat pout and maan’s heart crunched with pain seeing her like this.He took her hand in his and looked at it,it wasn’t that bad like he expected,it’ll hopefully heal overnight.he fetch a bowl of ice cubes with water and told her to deep her hand in it.

He took his plate in his other hand and got up.He gently pulled her to the small living room and made her sit on a couch.

She sat there cozyly folding her legs on the couch with that ice bowl being confused and looked up at him.

He sat down beside her and made a morsel from his plate and shoved it to her.She looked at the morsel and then him.he insisted with his eyes and Geet without wasting any time ate from his hand.He smiled seeing her being totally cozy with him.she lifted her hands to touch the food to feed him but Maan said,’See i’m eating too,u don’t have to do that,do one thing,tell the maid to bring water here.’

she tilted her head and insted calling anyone she herself went to bring glass and water.She poured him a glass of water and eyed him that now its his turn to have the bite.He smiled and ate the morsel.and geet fed him water.

She switched on the TV and it was some news channel,she was about to change the channel but maan made a sad face so she didn’t change it.He in no time imerged into the news channel and started to eat himself forgetting her turn.She whinned seeing him eating her turns bite and maan’s daze of the TV broke,’oh sorry sorry sorry,ok ok here..’he was laughing seeing her cute angry face and shoving the morsel into her mouth.

She was about to scold him but as he quickly shoved the bite in her mouth so she could say nothing.
She looked at him angrily and quickly gulped it down to scold him but he shoved another bite.She coughed a little taking a sip of water and gulped it down too…but she too giggled at herself. She made maan have same amount of food that she had.She didn’t want him to eat less for feeding her.

After the dinner,he checked her hand,she told the burning pain’s already gone but it still hurts a little when she pulls it out of the cool water.he then applied some oinments on her fingers and went to bed.Geet went to the shower as her usual habit before going to bed.And maan changed into his tracks n T n started watching TV.

He was watching TV and the door clicked open and geet came out and walked infront of the tv to the dressing table,stealing maan’s gaze from the TV.He was watching her without blink.How stupidly helpless he feels around her when she comes from shower wearing her short night dresses.It just jolts electricity down his spine.His eyes started to move hungrily over her from back.She was obliviously wiping her hair with a towel and then suddenly her eyes fell on him.she stopped her wiping n kept looking at him like that,but maan was in his naughty world…so he didn’t realized geet caught him checking her out.A small smile formed on her lips as she saw him like that.She too was feeling shy and special to see her super hot husband drooling over her.She then suddenly controlled herself.geet!u stupid girl!u can not be shy shy…u have to be naughty naughty…like Maan,ok?

She shied even more like a red apple at her thoughts, but she composed quickly and turned suddenly, breaking maan’s trance.He got perplexed,he totally forgot what he was doing earlier.he kept looking around to find sumthing else to stare at,caughing like a fool.damn her nightdress, no…actually damn her!for making him weak on his knees all the time.

Geet turned off the lights and crawled onto bed snuggling into the pillow.
His face fell as he expected to do some romance with his cute wifey as she raised a high expectancy after the morning car ”incident”.He looked at her with sad hurt eyes but she gave a damn and closed her eyes with a peaceful smile felling in deep sleep.

His romantic mood went totally down and sighing he turned off the TV and settled himself in the bed too.

He mummered sum hopeless words at his fate with a cute sad face and closed his eyes to fell in sleep.







”..maan…”Geet whispered.

”..Maan..!”she whispered a little loud.

”Umm..!”maan responsed being irritated.Not that he was asleep,but he was angry at her,how can she just sleep right away!

”Uff…”geet got impatient and turned him towards herslef.He turned towards her and looked at her with a cute frown.

”Kya hain…”before he could finish his sentence her soft lips captured his own with an explosive kiss.


His eyes gotten wide feeling her actually kissing him!he loosely held her waist to support her and she held her shoulder and slided on him.

The surprize kiss ended as quickly as it started and she looked at him,he was totally shocked,she gave him a happy smile and pecked on his lips again.

‘then y did u just slept u knew na…’Geet again pecked on her lips to stop his complains.

‘ye kya hain gee-‘She pecked his lips hard again and giggled.

”atleast let me finish–”she again kissed his lips making his mouth shut.

He looked at geet with a cute frown as she wasn’t letting him finish his words.

Maan suddenly sat on with her in his arms wrapping her waist tightly.He smiled seeing her suddenly getting concious and shy.Though it was dark,but the moonlight was enough for them to see both of their features quite clearly.

‘Maan…aap’now its his turn to take revenge.he stopped her words by kissing softly on her chin.She shivered with his soft kiss.his one kiss melted her like butter with flame’s touch.She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him.He had a smile,there was adorance, naughtyness and love…undenying love for her.She gave him her best smile rubbing her nose with his and hugging him tight placing her head on his chest consuming herself in his arms.

‘Wow i’m impressed with you geet!’he said in a horse voice bending his head down,kissing her head,his hands softly grazing her smooth back over the smooth satin silk night dress.’My wifey is getting naughty…’he whispered in her ears,’I love it…’She shied more and nuzzled more into him.

“Maan?”she called him in the most swetest voice,which made him smile.

“hmm jaan”

“How did ur ddday go?”she asked him with a cute voice.

“Not fair,u didn’t share when i asked how did ur day go?”

she smacked his chest softly and nuzzled into him more…if its ever possible.

he chucked and rocked her back n forth softly and started,”Okey,’Hmm…had many meetings…as usual…then one man…made my ears burst…with his good old days stories’he chuckled lightly.’…2 hours of talking nightmare…’Geet giggled ,’now u know..w how i f..feel when u t…talk?”

‘what?’he looked up at her and she she couldn’t stop her giggles.She grabbed her mouth with her palm and laughed.’Not fair!’Maan said being childishly angry.’You wasn’t there ok?he is a complete chatter box!my ears were about to melt off u know that?’he explained with a hurt voice and geet couldn’t stop her giggles.’finally he said mujhe matt rokna…yeah! that’d gonna happen like i wanted to say matt jaiye’he too chuckled and Geet was laughing too.

‘Oh you think its funny?’he pouted.’Lets see how you deal with him…he invited us in his party tomorrow evening.’

‘P..Party?’she was suddenly not laughing.she was not sure about the idea of going to a party socializing with everyone.What will everyone say…what will She tell them about themselves.Their marriage isn’t certificated yet.People will raise questions about their relationship…his previous relationship with Sameera.What will she say about that?even She doesn’t know what actually happened except she left the country for good…she didn’t even know where she went.

‘I know what your thinking,you are not ready to face the ppl yet.There are so much to sort out,I want you to be free and enjoying your college life,not being an eye candy to the media for unnecessary attentions and hazards…but it’s a private party just us and Mr.&Mrs.Handa,nothing to worry about Jaan–‘But his words were stopped by Geet’s voice.

‘Where’s our marriage’s legal paper?’




‘Haan…abbhi ke abbhi!’
she folded her hands over her chest and pouted.’i wanna know our marriage date…!’

‘toh ye baat hain?’He chuckled and pecked on her small nose.’toh tumhe-‘He couldn’t finish his sentence as the intercom cringed.Geet crawled over him and gave him the receiver.He smiled at her baby wifey’s childless and received the call.

‘Haan bolo?’

‘Sir Anie Madam aye hain.’

‘Annie!!Yahan india pe!Let her in Right now‘He growled at the phone and looked at Geet.’Annie is here.When did she come to india?’and jumped out the bed,wearing a T-shirt and exited the room.

While Geet was confused of her own reaction. Is she supposed to be excited, happy, or awkward because they wer’nt properly introduced till now.She looked similar…like she’s met her somewhere before,but where?


(The morning after Maan forcefully took Geet to KM)
Geet was sitting on the window post looking out,its dawn…in this godforsaken mansion.In the bed Maan’s sleeping.It took her everything to get away from his strong grip on her waist and leave the bed without waking him up.Being up she first checked the doors and windows.they are locked and still 2 guards are standing down the window.She hopelessly sat on the window seat and started to stare outside,She didn’t care what type of nightdress she wore,How beautifully the lavish room was decorated…she just wanted to leave this Cage.

And go where?

She has no idea.

If she goes to Dev ,Maan would immediately know.And she just turned 18.that means she has no place for the orphanage either.where will she go?Y she has to suffer like this!What had she ever done to anybody to deserve this!

A lone tear dropped from the left eye…flowing down her cheek,but it never met her jaw…as Maan’s strong palm wiped it away.

He woke up the moment she ungripped herself from himself.But he wanted to know what she does afterwards.She tried to open the locked door,ran to the window,looked down and whimpered in a soft frustrated cry,He curled his fist in a ball seeing her this helpless.But sadly He can’t do anything about it.SHE BELONGS HERE…with HIM.The sooner she accept it,the better.

He couldn’t see her in this state,she was in a trance, looking out..motionless.He slowly got up and walked towards her.She didn’t even realize.The fresh tear on her cheek bothered him.He wiped it away and moved the lovely smooth strands behind her ear.She jumped with his touch and stared at him terrified.

‘Where will you go Geet?’

She looked outside.

‘There’s nothing for you outside.You have nowhere to go…unless u’r with me.Ur mine geet!U belong to me.’

he cupped her cheek but Geet suddenly slapped his hands away as forcefully as possible.His words were making her helpless with no way before her.And is this situation it only made her aggressive..not tamed.

He looked at her carefully. She was fuming with rage.A fire within her eyes to fight back to her last breath which he never seen in her before.A smirk formed in his lips.

Finally…Her Geet is being the wild kitty.She looked sexy as hell with her fight-back attitude.

He gripped her hips and pushed her towards him.She got on her knees with sudden force and fell on him…putting her fists on his shoulders.

His one arm around her lower waist and one palm gripping her back.her face hoving over his own…her messy hair veiling their faces…lips mere inches away.He just took her in more into his embress feeling her in his frame.

‘You know,I never knew just being in close positions u can feel the bliss of being together.’he whispered glancing on her lips.

She shivered with disgust and started to come out of his disgusting grip.But he griped her more tightly and leaned backwards,making her stop her protests and grip his shoulder more to balance herself.

‘When u know u can’t go away from me then y do u even try?’he asks her being amused.

Geet was feeling helpless beyond imagine.She never stopped her protests.But she knew even if she frees herself,she’s still in this room with this monster.

Suddenly there were knocks on the door.Both looked at the door.but one with relief and one with disturbance.

He unwantedly let her go and she crawled away and got up from the window seat…backing seven steps away from him.He watched her every move with a grim face and loudly said,’come in’ not removing a glance from her face.

With a trey with bed & breakfast and 2 maids carrying a dress and accessories for Geet,Annie entered the room with a smile.She smiled at her bhai and He smiled back at her.Boy!He does look happy.She haven’t seen him smile like that in these months.not once!This little girl must have got some tough magic in her.

She glanced at the bed seeing it muffled.Sure they both slept in the bed.At least no one moved over to floor or sofa.

She glanced to the main guest and she felt some kind of motherly affection overwhelmed her.This just-18 girl had some pure acute innocent aura around her that can melt anyone’s heart. She looked confused and awkward…scared and sad, down and angry.Poor kid didn’t know how to tackle the situation.She didn’t even know whether to make eye contacts or not.If it wasn’t for her awesomest bro ever,She would never allow anyone take her like the way her brother did.

She felt real pitty for her and decided to ease her out a lil bit.‘ had bath?’

she looked at her with her big sorrowful doe shaped eyes and shook her head no.

Uff…cuteness overload!!!!!!Annie thought.

‘Then fatafat have a bath,Breakfast karlo.U have to be ready na?They’ll be helping u for dress up.Bhai can we talk?…i’ll be in my room’
and she hurriedly went away telling the maids to wait outside closing the door.

Geet looked at the dress laying on the bed.A plain maroon saari.

She slowly walked pass maan and took it and went in the bathroom locking it.Maan watched her going in…he chked out of the window to make sure the new guards has taken over the spot under his window.and then he went to annie’s room.

‘Something wrong?’
He asked seeing annie pacing in her room like a caged tiger.She saw him and pounced on him.

‘U cannot just force her like that!!She’s just a 18 year old girl…’

‘I . Did . Nothing’His slow but steady words stopped annie.’Then…umm..’she mummbled…not sure how to ask him about their SR.

‘Can’t i even sleep next to her?’
He chuckled a bit.

‘oh…ok…I guess so’she said uncomfortably.

‘Don’t worry nini…As she’ll be with ME from now on…i have no intention to hurry up.She has full right to give time to our relationship..As long as she stays with me.’

‘Well i’m a lil tense-free to hear that…But still,she’s still a kid…ur behavior creates bad impression of u in her mind…so be patient and be caring for her.’

‘Don’t worry Nini…I will make a good impression.’

‘I highly doubt it…’
Annie mummered.

‘I finally have her all by myself after such time and such incidents…its actually hard for me not to show possessiveness…but i’ll try not to scare her.’

‘promise me u’ll not scream at her or scold her?’

‘I promise.’

‘ok…then i can go with shanti.’

‘What do u mean?’

‘Bhai my vacation was over a month ago and i’m a month behind my semester.if i delay a week i’ll be 6months behind of my to come home early as fast as possible i have to go this noon.’

‘This noon?Why didn t u tell me-‘

‘I booked the ticket the moment i ensured u’r bringing geet back.U’ve found ur life bhai…literally.I was here with u 24×7,not bcz i wanted to help u,u don’t need help…u never needed help in ur field.I stayed with u cuz u were broken inside…i was with u watching over u so that u don’t do sumthing stupid like suicide.U knew ur too strong and modest enough not to do that but that time ur state made me think otherwise.U don’t know how many times i woke up in the night and went to ur room to chk on u.’

‘I noticed.’

‘Iss liye i was with u.But now i can totally see ur back in form like never b4.U don’t need and gardian angel to check on u eevery goddamn minute to see whether ur alive or not.U have ur life back.Just be happy and make HER happy.And plz Do not Scare her with ur overloaded-affection?’
Annie pleaded.Maan nodded seriously.

‘But still i don’t think you are going only for your studies…this really got sumthing to do with geet…tell me nini…’

‘actually it’s nothing important to mention…’

‘Every goddamn thing about her is MY Concern…!So every single fact that relates her is a must for me to know.’

‘uhh…I…I actually have met geet before.’

‘What??When??Why didn’t you tell me?’

”I didn’t know that was ‘this’ Geet ok?I saw her in xxx hotel,the one we had a party of the xxx project?I saw her in the ladies room..She was such a pretty girl that i kind of wanted her for you…”

Maan had an amusing smile on his face…hearing annie and remembering their intimacy that night…He gave annie a side hug and a peck on her head.’

‘I like your choice…see i got ur with me’

‘I was also dadima’s choice bhai’

At this maan stiffed,’Unka tariqa galat tha…’

‘jaise aapka ekdam 1st class hain…’
Annie snapped back,‘If she didn’t do it…u would never noticed her.Yes she could have done better at this but…u gotta forgive her…for peace’s sake.’

‘I’ll try’

‘..anyways,as i was saying…As Geet is now frustrated cuz of all these forcing and manipulation, I don’t want her to look at me as a guilty person.I honestly like that girl so i don’t want myself to be in this situation so that she hates me too.She needs time alone to adopt herself in this situtaion.And i think we all should give her that space.As i’m not much of a help here…i want to go and utilize my time in my education.I’ll be final wala back with vicky b4 u even know it.’she gave him her cheekiest smile and maan smiled and said,’Ok.Best of luck with ur studies.’

Annie’s luggages were put in the car..and she bade goodbye to everyone (xcept geet) and get on to the airport with maan.


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  1. thanks for updating…ur story is 1st fanfiction I read…that made me fall in love with fanfiction n I kept reading hundreds of them later…had yours not been so much fantastic, I would had discouraged n wouldn’t hv read anything after with so much of interest…so I thank u for initiating habit of reading n rediscovering my interest in reading fan fictilon stories……..ENVIOUS ROMANCE will always remain close to my heart……..thank u for writing it…

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