Morning came wayy too soon for the new love birds. Whole night was  eventful. They just… talked. Sweet nothings to each other. Sharing their childhood memories worth mentioning. Maan talked about his parents, their childhood fights playtimes, embarrassing stories to which geet giggled like a kid. Everytime she laughs, his chest boast up with pride. He is keeping her happy, that’s what matters. Eventually from childhood tales , adulthood came and he shared his adult lifestyle to geet also. As his wife and the most important part of his life,she should know about his everything, good or bad. He wants to keep clean to her. Sharing with geet means like confessing to the pope, as if his all sins will be washed away. He doesn’t care if she judge him or not.But  He would die if she misjudged him. That’s why he needed to be honest to her and it’s best to hear stuffs from directly him than from other peple and media.


He was sharing this with geet and she listened while examining his hands ,she wants to know everything about him. His features, his past, his present. Its been long enough till she misunderstood him. He’s been alone and torn  just as she was ,if not less. He had  built this stone wall around his heart and created a staged life around him to show the world he was invincible which explains Sameera and his luxurious lifestyle .but deep down inside he was in desperate need of love and genuine affection. His hard life and the selfish people around him made him like this, he lost hope of love. He lost faith and doubted that love ever existed. He started to judge people like gold diggers.He became boastful,arrogant and selfish.


Untill geet’s light peeped though his stone wall… the wall he built up for the world. Her beautiful smile,her beautiful heart and her beautiful innocence made his world crumble down beneath her feet.She was his angel. Her angel with a broken wing. No body was perfect. But Her angel was perfect… until he himself broke her wings. So that she can’t fly away… away from him. yes he was merciless. In the matter of her going away from him. He suffered way too much to let her go.


And now she understands.and forgives him.and Loves him.


What more does he need?




After kissing geet’s head maan got up and went to freash up and ready for the day. He got back from his jogging to see Mr.and Mrs.Handa in the breakfast table smiling at him greeting him good morning. Smiling politely he informed them he’d be back with geet in a while.


He entered thier room and smiled seeing geet still sleeping. She’s so tired after what happened last night. He took in her features… naked body barely covering her sanity while she faced her back to him. He crouched over her and kissed her lower back moving towards her shoulder and nipping at her earlobe playfully. Geet moaned out on annoyance and turned around to have her lips on his. She opened her sleepy eyes and pecked on his smiling lips and nuzzled her face on his stubble sleepily.


“Your grand parents are waiting for us in the dining table we have to hurry and get fresh”Geet moned annoyed and tried to sleep again cosily but maan scooped her in his arms walking towards the bathroom.Geet shrieked and held onto maans neck and the spread over her chest in panic.


He stand her up in front of the counter and make her gave her her toothbrush and then her casually went towards the shower and turned it on taking the shower. Geet’s eyes budged out seeing him starting stripping in front of her into the shower and she turned and started brushing her teeth fast. After washing her face she turned to leave but stopped. A naughty though came to her mind. She turned towards her insanely hot and naked husband and walked in on him. He was taken a back seeing her entering with the spread still wrapped around her.looking like a goddess. She grinned like they’re breaking some rules. And pushed him to the wall. “What are you doing geet? “He never thought she’d enter willingly but knowing the new fiesty geet he’s both excited and happy.


“You said we have to…hurry “geet grabbed his shoulder and tilted up on her toes urging him to push him up. He grabbed her hips  and pulled her up, she encircled her legs around his waist and kissed his lips…hard. there was wildness, passion and urgency witch made maan loose his mind with libido.


He groaned into the kissed turning them around pressing her to the wall and him, biting down her neck and shoulders. Their lava like passion was sizzling in the sprinkled Morning water of the shower. he was ready, very much ,so was she… but he wants their first to be special and eventful, not a quickie. He kissed her one more time lazily and rubbed her scalp with his hand she moned in his touch and tried to kiss him but he moved his face back. The look of betrayal she gave him made his face broke into a smile. She’s burning for you… only you. He kissed his forehead,”I want our first time to be special…we can do this anywhere anytime , but not untill we have our first night.okey? “


She frowned and forcefully came down from his hold and pushed him away And went out from the shower booth. Man! She’s so short yet so feisty.he finds her short self handling his towering self very adorable. He actually likes pissing her off. It’s hilarious and adorable ti see her annoyed activities.


He now has to take a cold shower.really this girls is going to be the death of me.


“Fixing” himself up,maan came down getting ready wearing a simple white kurta Pajama…being all groom like (hehe i find guys wearing casual white kurta pajama super hot.dont you? )
He saw geet on the breakfast table talking to her dadi wearing a simple  red salwar suit. Maan sat beside geet and dadi was in awe of adoration. They looked heavenly!she asked maan if he minded that she make desi breakfast. He politely said its fine and Mr handa always praises her cookings.specially aloo paratha.


“Well he better.”She moked at mr handa and he kind of gulped. Man these 2old couples are adorable. Maan moved to geet seeing her eating her breakfast like crazy. He patted her back showly,”eat slowly geet… you’ll choke if you eat and gulp that fast “.
“But it’s sssooo goood!!! “She groaned mouth full. Maan laughed seeing her puffy cheeks and chewing  and patted her head. He started eating his breakfast. He’s been really concerned with geet and his marriage. Yes they are married but not officially. And the marriage paper that geet signed was forced and maan doesn’t want that to be their marriage. He doesn’t want to be remembered those sad geets while looking at their marriage date. He wants to start over, start fresh.her owes geet this much.


He coughed and gained their attention. “You both ate geets guardians now so i want to say something about our relationship. We married in a very unfortunately condition under a lot  of miscommunications and misunderstandings. However in times we have patched things up and i really really love your granddaughter.and i want her to give the perfect marriage that she deserves. I hope we have your blessings to prepare for our official-marriage?”


“Off course you have!! Good lord you both have our blessings! “Mrs handa chirped up! Almosy tearing up.


“But why remarry? And why didn’t you guys publish your marriage to the press? I’m sure they wouldn’t create that much of the drama recognising your power and status..”Mr Handa objected. He finally got the opportunity to get the answers of his questions that has been making him mad with worry.


“As i said our marriage was an arranged marriage By my dadima. I’m sorry and ashamed to say that i was forced into the marriage and i wasn’t willing for it. But after some incidents i realized geet is the only girl i am willing to spend my life with and i don’t want her to be into the mess of media.because of her age. I didn’t know before the marriage that she was a minor. As she was raised in an orphanage her actual age is hard  to detect which would the media will feed off on. since she was barely i decided to make it silent till she is actually adult and ready to face our world as my wife. “


“And as her grandfather i have the right to demand that your past would never bother my baby’s future? “Mr handa tried to be more intimidating towards maan. He was somewhat convinced that what maan was telling actually had vaid reasons and he needed this vocal confirmation from maan that his past wi always remain a past. “


“Yes…undoubtedly. My past is long forgotten and i regret not  having geet before in my life that time. I’m thankful to my dadima for making us meet that eventful day. “He looked at geet smiling only to find her still and in some kind of pain.  something is bothering her.He searched in her eyes but she avarted and slowly got up with the used utensils to the wash basin. He has to deal with what’s going on in her mind.


“Well in that case we need to see your daadi ma and hurry your actual official wedding.It’ll be good if the media or noone knows about both of your living under the same roof before this ceremony. “Mr handa said with seriousness.


“Certainly if you wish. But I don’t find any regrets or shame to acknowledge the fact that im living with her.I’m living with my wife. I have every valid reason to be with my wife. “Maan answered a little  strictly.


Mr handa responded,”but the media doesn’t know and it would be best if they don’t know.”


“As you wish “Maan curtly nodded understanding.


“Then you also know that we should take geet with us today until this ‘situation’ is resolved for the press to know. “Mr. Handa observed his facial expressions change from serious and professional to sudden horror and insecured.