It was very late so Maan insisted them to stay the night at their house. He was mentally devastated,even though he put up a casual aura around him infront of the handas and geet. He could not just thought geet would not understand his need… he needed her. More than she needed him. The extant of the unhealthy attachment towards her and the shameless need to be in the center of her attention was something he never realised… untill now.


He was jealous. Yes he was. As much as he wanted geet to get  all the happiness in the world, he didn’t want himself to move from the throne a bit inside her heart. He wanted her all for himself.So he was least to say devastated when geet agreed to go with them without even thinking of him.


Maan sat on the bed finally being freashen up and ready for bed… geet is changing her dress in the dressing room into something comfy. He turned off the lights and layed down without a word. It was a rough day and it was emotionally stressful too. And he didn’t want to leash on geet. He needed time to forget. He’s probably over reacting.


The bed dipped down a little and the ruffling sound of the sheets confirmed geet coming on bed .he sighed when he felt geet coming towards his chest and Hugging him close. Melting herself in his chest. He gave in to the affectation and too took her in his arms by putting his arms around her body.


He started to rub her back soothingly but stopped being still… under the thin sheet of bed he couldn’t find her bra hooks or  strap. His large palm shakily caress down her back to comfirm if what He’s thinking geet has done is actually true. His palms trailed down her smooth small back towards her hip and slowly downwards towards her soft and round bottom. Maan took in a sharp breath and being stupified. Geet is Huggin him tightly… body to body… completely naked… one leg wrapped around his waist …breathing heavily on his nape… he was never been this aroused before. He started breathing heavily and squeezed her soft bottoms with his both hands.geet bit his nape softly as her one hand started going down from his neck towards his abdomen and further down, his groin area. With one pull his boxar was down and her hand slipped in. Her small hand without hesitation grabbed his fully correct manhood and felt it. She was so inexperienced towards the male anatomy yet  she wanted to explore first. Her hands grabbed groped and caressed every features of him down there while still hugging him tightly with him groaning in her shoulder biting sucking licking.


“Geet please! “He growled into her ear and pushed his palm towards her nether region.she was soft and hot down there…he grazed her inner wall skillfully  and she winced seductively. Rubbing her with a quick pace he pushed her into the mattress and continue his act kissing her breast. Her hand grabbing his manhood loosen in the intensity of the pleasure that was building inside of her… she was feeling an unknown rush of pleasure that she never knew existed…she welcomed his offering with spreading her thighs more and grabbing onto his fist full of hair.


Soon her muscles started to get taut in response to the unbearable pleasure and she let out a whole body jerking pleasurable wave of esctacy.


Their wild breaths mingled with each other as he continued to observe her flused face and pleasurable pants with urgency. There is nothing more beautiful than to see your love loving the love that you’re offering. It was a sight he was determined to relish every night for the rest of his life.


He slowly and lazily pressed a kiss on her forehead and started to get off of her… he needs to relive himself of his torture… like right now!


But before he could sit up she grabbed his waist and pulled him to herself. Her strength didn’t make any difference to his movements but the tug made him look back. She slowly pushed herself up, chest to chest, slowly touching his well defined chest muscles with her palm, pushing slightly, urging him to lay on his back.


Hypnotized by her enchanting eyes, he laid back like a spell stuck. She slowly climbed on him, kissing his eyes while he took a sharp breath grabbing the bedsheet tightly.


He moned out when his ears felt her lips and her voice, “Maan… let me touch you too. “




He closed his eyes feeling her ever soft lips kissing her way to his chest biting and sucking occasionally.following his perfect v line. He trembler out feeling his starting of nether region being touched by her tongue. He opened his eyes lazily to watch his erotic dreams and thoughts happening right infront of him. He wasn’t a saint… he’s been exposed to this situation before… a lot. But seeing HER on her knees hovering over him… looking at ‘him’ with scorching passion made him already over the edge. His manhood twitched excitedly to see whatever would happen next. Her head dipped down and she grabbed him with her inexperienced small hands she could barely touch her thumb with her other fingers, he was that big. She slowly slid her palms down along the extremely warm velvet skin down to its root,earning a throaty groan from him.


Her speed increased and she loved how he quivered being trapped in her hands. His groans and mones made her more confident,excited and try out new things.flickering her tongue on his tip made him groan out & grab her hairs in a fist, not too tightly but in a firm hold…daring her to back away.


Her lips encircled around his smooth tip and kissed him with a slight moan. The vibration of her lips set him on fire and he thrusts his hip up her mouth and she gladly welcomed dipping her mouth in.


Right now he’s blinded by pleasure that his love was offering him… and he would take it. He would take it ALL. Hes been away from her wayy too long. If she’s willing to offer who the f**k is he to back off.


He continued his thrusts and he loved how she obliged and was determined to please him.she was totally inexperienced.. he could tell.but this is turning out the be the best night of his life. He eyed their love position and groaned being pushed more closed to the edge of esctacy that was building now very fast.


She moned out and the vibration that built up made his cock twitch more. “Keep moaning sweetheart, keep making sounds around me “he rasped out agitated…bursting out anytime.


“Mmmh”Her growling moan matched his growl as he broke down, exposed to the explosion of the tension that she built up. Swirling down to bright emotions he barely knew existed… he released himself inside her mouth shaked out with painful pleasure when he felt her sucking him down…and lastly move out from him. Her soft lips friction against his  exhausted and slightly paining  cock made him hiss. He looked at her climbing on top him again to kiss him.he watched her with love and in  pants.”you swallowed me.. “He breathed out in his pants. “You are mine, i can do anything i want to you “geet slowly uttered out every word meaning every word.. he grinned. He grinned like he was a teenager,felt like he lost his virginity to her for the first time. Wish it would have been true.


He peppered countless kisses on her lips while she was on all her fours over him and he was fondling her mounds lazily. “How do you know all of this stuffs! “He breathed out between their kisses. “I… reaserched “she answered with childish smiles,”what?!”He asked thundered. “I Googled how to make my husband feel special…in a sexual way “she was shy& daring at the same time.


“Well… that u did… you did make me feel special. You always do. Whenever you look at me.”he confessed with his never ending grin. They both continued to grin at each other like fools… fools in love.