The Late night dinner with the handas and geet was as awkward as it sounds. Both parties were quiet and reluctant. Geet being the scared kitten that she is infront of others, was sitting right beside maan as they were joined to their arms. Eyes constantly downcast, barely eating, and holding onto maans hand under the table tightly.


He pressed their locked fingers a bit more to reassure her that He’s gonna make everything under control. Here’s his geet and then There’s the handa couple… old, fragile, broken, remorsed and desparate to get a reaction from their only grand daughter. They should have been considerate to their son’s choice. Should have been respectful to their son’s love. Mohindar was always a man of knowledge and maturity. He was always calm and composed and quiet… like geet. But he didn’t lack confidence a bit.. which geet lacks… a lot. Which is probably their fault too. If she wasn’t in the orphanage facing the harsh world in a young age she would have been a confident girl. But alas what is done is done. They can not take back the damage they have caused other than mourning on their son’s and their beautiful kind hearted daughter in law whom they got to know for barely an hour.


Observing that geet was only eating the shrimp fries Mr.Handa took courage and said, “do you like shrimps? “He was only now informed about her vocal conditions which was in progress. He was happy that she can talk now but even if she couldn’t he would love her anyways. Voice or no voice she’s still the special grandkid that has a big special place in his heart.


As all eyes turned to her… for her reply geet squirmed under their gaze. She nodded looking down and leaned into maan a bit more… if Its even possible.
He awkwardly coughed seeing their “closeness “and explained nervously “she’s a little shy to strangers “.


“Oh honey! There’s nothing to be shy about! We’re your can tell us anything darling. “Mrs.handa leaned forward and caressed geets cheek. “We have so much to talk about… so many things to catch up! Please give us a chance darling so we could die peace fully. We’re tired of bearing this huge sin over our hearts. Let us in darling. “She pleaded.


Geet looked at her with her doe shaped big eyes and nodded looking down. “Oh Geet !”she screamed and got up towards her side,sitting beside her she  kissed her forehead.. elated and hugged her with all her love.


“As we missed a big part of you’re life… we dont want to miss anything tell us about your marriage… how did you guys meet? Was it love at first site? “She pressed being jolly and prepared to hear an epic love story.


But it wasn’t a happy love story and being a gardian of geets side, their love story would never make them happy… it would increase the chance of them being mad and take geet away from maan knowing he forcefully is keeping her with him. Heck their marriage wasn’t even registered. The insecurity and fear inside his heart was back. He wad scared they would take her away from him. He squeezed geets laced fingers and blurted out, “Dadi introduced us. She thought geets a perfect match for me and so do i “


Geet nodded with his statement. Well He’s not lying … dadi did introduce them… more like made a plot to get on  each other’s path.


“When did you guys marry? Did u guys marry right away? Or did you dated. “She asked excitedly.


“Umm… no, due to some stuffs we had to marry on a short notice. “


“Hmm…but why didn’t you wait.. geet was still young, you could have waited for some years for her to finish study”Mr. Handa pipped in. Something was not right he sensed. He never saw maan nervous. He had been watching maan since he started working. He was man of confidence and professionalism. He was always emotionless when it comes to Business.Mr.handa always thought maan was a bit ruthless in business but this attitudes had took him to the  top  so who was he to judge. But now when his own grand daughter was linked to him he couldn’t jerk off the fact that how ruthless and merciless he is when something was of his concern. Mr.handa  couldn’t help but be insecured and protective of geet. He admired maan as a person but he was sonewhat intimidated to have him owning his grandchild.


And geet! This adorable little mouse has no self confidence at all. She is so shy and so timid compared to any person.  Let alone maan. Their aura doesn’t match together at all. He didn’t like the fact that geet was so much depending on maan.and being it an arranged marrige and having it done on such a short notice after their meeting he was unsure of their chemisty. Not to mention maans glamourous “personal  life “.he lived his life with no care to the worlds judgement… which Mr.handa adored previously. But now He’s very judgemental and insecure.


He looked at her grand daughter and looked back at maan. So much difference between their personality and aura! Maan is Maan! He is perfect! He has no flaws! He couldn’t even think of one time when maan wasn’t in control of his life or works. and also he wasnt a man who would be submissive to someones orders …specially a sensitive topic of choosing a wife.Why would he marry geet? Why did she marry geet? Mr.handa was observing geet while geet and her wife was talking with each other sitting on the couch while maan was on the sink… washing the plates. Geet is a beautiful girl no doubt about that… she was beyond beautiful… she was a personification of innocence. But every thing has a flaw… she can’t talk. And also she’s juvenile… she’s not still a graduate and she lacks the confidence what even a typical normal person obtains.she was an a small orphanage…she has no money …sno social status or position.and maan is not a person to be fooled only by beauty. Then what is it? Why did he maary geet… it just doesn’t add up.  Why did he agree to marry geet? why does’nt  he want to tell anyone He’s married? Why did he keep geet a secret? Why didn’t he announce their marriage? Why isnt he staying with his daadima… why is he living in a remote place?


An un-known terror pressed onto her chest. What if he married geet just for a camouflage. Is he planning to kill geet and after her death get back together with that high class wh**e of a girlfriend sameera???!


Mr.Handa involuntary winced out of fear and softly grabbed his chest. He was feeling helpless. He could not let his baby be in a death trap like this. He should investigate further to confirm his suspicion. He used to love and admire maan but now he realised He’s not a safe person to let her grandkid marry off with.


He has to keep geet safe to his house till he investigate further.he has to do it. He has lost his baby once. He can’t let another go away that easily ever again. Atleast not till he is alive.


“Geet, would you like to stay with us for a few days? “Mr.handa asked suddenly making all of them stop what they were doing and look at him. Maan’s hands stopped what they were doing and he was still. He didn’t know how to respond to that. He grew a habit of seeing geet and being with geet so intensely that he felt rage and insecure thinking of himself being in their home and not finding geet.He squeezed the washing spounge… oozing the foam mercilessly. While trying to keep a straight face. He turned around to kindly reject the proposal and request  if he could come along if they’re that much persistent. that seems like a good plan. He heard Mr handa saying geet should stay there for a couple of days to know more about her parents and the rest of her family.


Before maan could respond to the proposal.. an elated geet accepted his proposal with enthusiasm. She was more than excited and curious to know about her parents. She was finally happy.. with lots of emotions running around her mind.And she understood that what happened back then was a mistake but they never wanted this to she decided to give them the chance and make the approach to amend. She was so excited that she forgot that her decision can break another person’s heart.


Maan stood there motionless. He felt like he was truely alone in the world. He knew she was excited and didn’t mean to hurt him but it hurts to be forgotten. Specially by the person who is the sole owner of your heart…your life. He smiled weakly when geet turned around to him excited with the idea of her getting to know her parents. He avarted his eyes and turned his back to washing the dishes.


All the while Mr. Handa observing maans reaction to the situation. Maan was not happy. He definitely did not look happy. He should have been happy for her having her family back..whether the reason is he loves her way too much which is quite impossible when he was kind of forced to marry her… OR, he wants geet to be detached to the world so that he could dispose of her real easy. And that made Mr.handa cower with fear. He has to look for answer. Whether his grand daughter is extremely lucky..  or she ia in grave danger.