While geet stomped away maan tried to control his ragged breath and leaned back on the sofa. Her newly discovered grandparents were his “dear” inlaws and already in a matter of hour they’ve managed to start their duty on being major cock-blockers.


But maan was happy that they came…on a perfect time. He waited for so long to make sure their first time was special enough to make her blush everytime she remembers it… and yet he almost blew it away. He was this f**king close to claim her vigorously. On the other hand she wasn’t helping either… with her innocent yet suducing every gesture (only to him… he hopes) and newly appliance of sex bomb behaviors how the hell he’s supposed to control.. he’s the freaking husband of her’s with his goddamn love and lust. He’s not Mother Teresa for f**k’s sake.He can’t help himself but perverting over everything she does in a hardcore sexual act in his imagination and when she’s like that its just obvious that he goes insane.


But regardless of  being excited like a horny teenager who had his first makeout,deep down in his mind he was concerned and somewhat hurt that she was taking her frustation out in this manner… on him.She should have been seeking comfort in him and talk about it…yet she chose to use him physically to let her anger and frustation out. He felt somewhat used and disappointed that she still doesn’t trust him enough to bare her soul to him as well as her body.


But judging the fact that this same girl used to hate him and loath him that much to look at his face… what happend tonight was a great progress. She f**king made out with him  and was begining to touch his manhood… that’s freaking Awesome.Even  If she was using him for her frustation he shouldn’t be bothered cause he was making love with the girl of his dream. He’ll just have to be patient with her and show her that he’ll be the shelter for her for every matter in her life.


Now he’s got her super judgemental grandparents to impress and reassure that he’s the best for her only.But first something has to be done about this huge “excitement “in his pants.


After his cold and quick shower he went to her room watching geet pacing with panic. She changed her dress into a simple plain cotton white salwar kameez and a red dupatta. Goddamn.he thought.It’s like the god created her only for the male population’s distraction.But he would break every male’s face if they turn to her with bad intention. He shoo-ed away his alpha possessive thoughts and focused on the main thing here. She needs comfort and reassurance.and its his duty to  provide her that.


“You shouldn’t keep them waiting.lets go geet. Don’t make any strategies how you’d react to them. They are your family… evil or good at least they deserve your honest opinion. “Grazing her chubby cheek he kissed on her puffy red eyes and smilled at her reassuring her that he’s there with her every decision.


Geet looked at him baffled. That was exactly what she was tensed and unsure of. It was jaw dropping how he understood her unsurity and fear without even pointing out to him.nodding slightly she got up from the bed and grabbed his hand and locked their fingers. She pulled maan up from kneeling infront of her into standing and pull him out of their room and towards the living room where her “grand parents” were currently waiting for them.


Geet still was hesitating before entering into the living room but maan sqeezed their  tangled hand and kissed her hair to give her the strength and pulled her to enter the room.Geet’s grandparents ‘s faces lit up seeing them and Mrs.handa eyed the with adoration.its no wonder that despite the massive height difference they look just perfect with each other and their granddaughter looked like a doll. She sure collcted the best genes from her parents. She was doing the hesitant nervous eye movement which was their son’s signature style when he was a kid.This simple gesture of her made Mrs. Handa tremble with the feeling of childloss once again.her eyes glistened with tears while geet looked at her awkwardly not knowing what to do. Instead she inched closer to maan behind her.


Maan understood that his kitten is only fierce and all mighty with him only.he had to handle the situation now. “We’re actually very sorry for keeping you wait, i was having a bath while you came…and geet was…”


“We perfectly understand son, and no we don’t mind waiting actually its us who should be sorry… we shouldn’t be coming here uninvited… but u see she was crying her balls out saying on and on that you guys couldn’t have the chance to eat at our house. So we thought we would give you the foods that we had prepared for you… “Mr.handa finished his words hesitantly and it somewhat pained maan to see such a respective man talking to them with such guilty.he almost looked vulnerable and unsure of himself for doing this and this is so unlike him. Maan is used to see him as a proud and happy person …he never thought he’s life would be nearly as screwed up as his.


“It wasn’t really necessary sir…we’re  feeling bad for being the cause of your troubles. If you havnt had dinner yet please free feel to join us, we’d be happy to host you guys, right geet? “


All the eyes landed on geet making her more squirming into maan and she looked down not gesturing anything.


“Geet… please say something honey “Her grandfather quietly begged.


“…umm… She can’t speak “Maan slowly broke the bomb into the room slowly taking her in with his one arm and brushing her back. Geet melted into his embrace but still didnt avart her  eyes off  the ground.


Pin drop silence.


“Wha… what.. ?”mr. Handa asked in a shaky low voice.
(Sorry if it’s short,at least i did update lol 😀 Loveeee meeee 😛 :P)
PS:Thank you so much for the love and support u’ve been showing me with!The motivation is outstanding!See how fast i updated,Your love keeps my brain creative 😛


41 thoughts on “Part-58

  1. ahhh they dont know do they
    how would they
    after all they did technically abandon her
    maan what else did you expect her to do
    hello not long ago she couldnt trust you
    feeling used are we
    thats interesting
    just think what you made her feel in the past
    or did we forget how mean you were to her
    yup his thoughts are all in gutter
    geet sure aint helping his case it seems
    hey she is frustrated too
    with this new thing happening in her life
    as if maan and all drama wasnt enough
    her life has just been a right mess
    hope its solved and soon
    well i dont know how they will fix this but they have to try
    maan and his uber possessive thoughts
    they can never finish can they
    hell no
    that aspect of his cannot change
    even if he has changed

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    Maneet s make out session disturbed by her grandparents … but maan s glad .. coz he wanted to make it spcl for Geet

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    I m feeling bad for the grandparents …. a mistake costed them their son n bahu ….. n gave them life long guilt … now seeing geet reminds them of their son whom they lost …
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  3. geet taking out frustration on maan ,maan feeling used but think it is better than her total indifference with him as she hated him in past, handa’s ae feeling guilty too to bndon his son lost both of them and her daughter they found after long unexpectedly, but they are not at fault as they were conservative family and son don’t bother to let them know,it was niyati who had created all this drama,but one thing who were those people who snatch away all property of geet’s parents and put geet in orphanage it is not sounds handa did this than who did?

  4. Very nice update and maan is. Now thinking that she is using him to bring out herfrustation out and he taking itpositively poor fellow have to take cold showerand they went to meet mr and mrs handa andthey came there to give food for them and maan is very nice to them and he told them that geet can’t talk thanks for update please continue writing and waiting for next part

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    after geet left maan in anger maan some where felt bad…
    he thought geet still didnt trust him enough….she used him fer her frustration n anger….
    but maan also thinks its great development for geet…bcoz geet hated him once….
    maan wants to make their 1st time memorable……
    finally after a cold shower maan went to geet….geet is shocked to see maan so much understanding her…without even telling him about her fears….
    maan feels sad seeing Mr Handa so much guilty….
    geetis not saying anything she is hiding herself into maan…
    finally maa dropped the bomb that geet can’t talk…

  8. nice ud
    maan was thinking that she
    used him fr brings out her frustration
    but she have taken step ahead
    towards him too but now he have
    to cool down his desire and meet
    guests so he have quick cool shower
    and both went down maan feeling
    bad fr Mr Handa’s condition
    they want to hear geet once
    so they asked hr but maan told
    them she can’t talk they were in
    shock so there were pin drop silence

  9. Nice update
    Maan feeling bad that she used him but she turned to him when she was frustrated that should be consoling to him
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    happy with maan care for geet n understanding

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    She’s wild cat only with maan 😉
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