After coming from the Handa palace..


Geet stormed into their bedroom followed by an anxious Maan.. he was worried for his young wife. Tonight has definitely been a hard blow on her. Their life has been on a roller coster ride ever since their eyes met each other. And after tonight he is actually worried for his girl. How she’s gonna cope with the truth when he himself is  having trouble mustering the truth about the handas.


Geet… his geet… grand daughter of the great Handa.Its just too much to ask for this night. He would have called the cops on them if Mrs. Handa hadn’t showed them the photos of geet’s parents. They look exactly like her!the uncanny resemblance between mother and daughter is insane. Her mother was a foreigner… persian to be exact and the unmatched religious marriage between geet’s parents was something which Geet’s grandparents and the olders couldn’t approve. Geet was 9month old baby when her father decided to break the secret by coming to india with geet and hafsa (geet’s mother ) .


Shock would have been an understatement which their family had gotten into.The traditional shiekhs are someone who usually do not negotiate with their culture and this incident had been considered as violation of the traditional beliefs by the extremists.Unfortunately for geet her grandparents didnt even let her step into the house. They had to return from their doorsteps for the “betrayal” that they had caused. Mr and Mrs. Handa were weeping like a baby recalling the day when he dethroned him as his own son and told them to go away without even glancing at the little baby geet. Then the terrible road  accident.. causing their beloved youngest son and their daughter in law to die on spot and drown while the body of the baby were never found. Till today the little baby’s cries from the doorstep echoed in their ears. Miserably weeping Mr.Handa tried to hold on to geet’s face… where both Maan and Geet stood rooted. Mortified.


Suddenly Geet pushed Mr.Handa and just ran…ran like a scared deer. And on instincts Maan ran after her. He was shocked… but not shocked enough to helplessly see her go away from him.


Without saying anything Maan dashed after her and got on the driving seat when geet shakingly signed him to take her home. The ride has surrounded them with an uncomfortable silence with lot of tension between them. Geet was shaking.Maan could gather her emotions like an open book… anger, hurt, frustation, betrayal were evidently showing.


When Maan pulled over their porch geet hurriedly got off and dashed to their home. Maan also followed her… understanding the fact that she needs time and space to process the situation. So he eased out his tie while watching geet going up to their room running by the stairs.


He sighed heavily and went into the kitchen making a sandwich for her as they couldn’t have the time to have any food there..Mrs.Handa was so  overwhelmed by his geet’s presence that she couldn’t control her emotions and spilled the beans before geet could have her first bite.


Grabbing the sandwiches in a box he went to their room where geet’s weeping were easily heard fron tge doorstep. He rubbed his neck with this palm.. not knowing how he’s gonna comfort her… what has happened shouldn’t have happend with her. Its a total injustice towards her. He showly went in the room and closed the door.


Geet was laying on her bed hiding her face in her pillow and crying her heart out. Even in this bizzare state she managed to look like a white fairy. HE slowly approached her and gently rubbed her exposed back. Her crying lessened and she sat up and faced him looking down. Her kajal was smuged lips were red… nose was red.. she looked like a mess… but still the most  beautiful mess he had ever seen. He gently cupped her cheek with his hand and caress away her tears with his thumb. He nodded a no sadly and pressed a kiss on her forehead. She looked up at his with her big doe eyes and nodded. He Got up and came back with some cotton balls and makeup removers.He dumped the cotton with it and slowly cleaned her makeups… he kept looking at him with her big eyes which made him shiver with passion… her simple gaze turns him on… how the f**k has he controlled around her all these times. Gulping down he finished up his work on her face and planted a soft kiss on her smooth soft yet cold cheek and got up and closed the light. “You need proper rest geet. Ill be in the study doing some. Works…we will talk about what happened tonight tomorrow. Try to have a sleep and a freash mind… whatever descision you take I’ll obey. “


He entered the study and sat down on the large couch.He was frustated with the fact that geet has a family now and if she wants she can leave him. The insecured heart of his was restless with the topic of geet going away to live with her grandparents. What would he do then?? He would get mad if he losses geet. IF they knew what troubles geet had gone through because of him.. no grandparents would let their grandkids be with that person. He sighed and rubbed his face with his palms. He doesnt know how long he’s been in that pose when he heared the room’s door closed. He looked up and saw geet standing on the door looking at him. “Do you need anything… You should be sleeping now its already late.. “he mumured but stopped when he saw her coming towards him with a fast pace. Before he could corelate anything she sat on his lap facing him stradling his hip with hers… she wrapped her legs around his waist and hold his shoulders with a strong grip and captured his lips in a bity kiss. his breath hitched as he never in his life expected the day would end like this. He breathed out a shaky groan responding to her rough kiss with more eagerness feeling geet is buttoning off her shirt. He tried to grab her hands to lock their fingers but geet grabbed his palms and put them on her hips… he let out an animalistic snarl while sqeezing his grip on her hips pulling her more close making the kiss more intense. Geet pulled her swollen lips out of his rough ones with force as he wasnt willing to let go.. she moved her teeth to his jaw down the throat biting towards his adams apple… he let out a shaky breath when he felt her muffled hand on his belt’s buckle. His shirt was long gone… and pants were in the process of going away he looked at her in a dark stare… undressing her with his eyes… his eyes locked on her beautiful breasts covered with a tight sleeveless genji. He can point out her erect buds screaming for his touch… he wasted no time and tackled her down on the couch placing her under him and biting her lower lip with a fierce passion… he was almost  naked when she was fully clothed. Its not fair.


“You’re such a tease geet…”He mumured while going down on her chest.”you’re such a turn on… its unhealthy for me “pulling her genji’s head down to expose her soft and heaving to his naked eyes… and hungry mouth.he pulled on his hair roughly when he sucked on her mound despareately while grabbing her hips and reaching down for her shorts. Pulling it down he start going down kissing down to her lower region. Geet let out a moan and caressed his excited manhood with her feet.


Their grabing groping moaning ruffling groaning came to an abrupt hault when the savant knocked on the door On the other side mercilessly telling Mr. And Mrs.Handa came to their house waiting in the living room.


geet looked beyond raged glaring at the door and looking Back angrily at maan. Maan let out a shaky small laugh seeing her fierce kitten… well firece.


“We should talk to them… this needs to be figured out jaan “he said while planting a kiss on her hair and covering up her chest with her genji pulling up. She let out an annoyed huff and punched him aimlessly on his chest.”ow ow ow ouch geet! “He whinned and rubbed her chest while seeing her walking away with a angry mood. “Oh now ur talking out sexual frustations on me?? Didn’t think about how ive done it so far with you! “He laughed and geet glared at him before leaving the room.


He sighed and looked down at himself…almost naked… hair ruffled and bothered and excited. he sighed again and buttoned his pants. This little kitten of his has had him wrapped around her pinky.


Time to get focused and deal with the fact that is here now. Our “naughty time ” can wait an hour or two. He thought with a smug stupid smile on his face while getting dressed up properly.


38 thoughts on “Part-57

  1. Beautiful part. The shiekhs are really impossible. But poor geet n her parents. Still geet needs maan right now. If he goes from her life, she won’ be happy at all. Handas have to understand dat. But daadi ma n annie ki kya reaction hogi wen de’ll come to know bout this. Me worried but happy too. At least geet found her second family. Now maaneet ka roothna manaana can conti. as geet ka maayka mil gaya hai. She’ll get more pampering from all.

    Awesome update mushi. Almost 2 yrs ke baad mila. Keep up wid d good work. Loved it a lot.

  2. Fabulous Update
    Geet’s state of mind is understandable but in all this she should
    not leave Maan and go to her grandparents yes she and Maan can go
    together to them .
    The Handa’s together with Maan and Geet should come to some

  3. Loved the update
    feel bad for geet
    she lost her parents like this
    will there be anymore flash back about how geet ended up in orphanage
    Maan has his own problems
    wats going to be geet’s decision

  4. like it and how geet got wild and poor maan can’t get itme to think but the door knock in the wrong time and wrong place. Hope can see more wild face of geet. thank you

  5. awesome update…..
    awwww poor geet she got to know about her parents like this…..
    she spend her life like orphan when she is grand daughter of great handa’s…
    maan is insecure that now geet has someone ehat if she leave them ….
    geet became fierce…..
    awwwww maaneet’s naughty time got disturbed by Mr n Mrs handa….
    hope they wont creat any problem for maaneet…

  6. lovely ud after long gap
    so now geet having family
    maan feel insecure but his
    love and caress won geet heart
    already and geet came to him
    and was having lovely romance
    with her husband’s which distributed
    by knock of servant bcuz Mr and Mrs
    Handa’s came to meets them
    geet got angry while Maan want to
    solve the issues between them

  7. i used to read this ff but didn’t knew when u moved to blogs ? i had left when geet and maan involve in accidant-i read another part in one go but noy in detail just outlined it and now read part 57
    her journy fron hatred to love with maan and now knowing her grand parents and death of her parents she shattered and now again handa wants to meet her?is she will meet or declined?update soon.

  8. Mrs. Handa spilled out truth to Geet that she is their grand-daughter whom they never acknowledged….
    she is their youngest son’s daughter who married Persian woman and I think they were killed by those Sheikhs making it look like accident……thank god Geet was saved…..

    waiting for next to know why Handas are in KM and what will be Geet’s reaction….

  9. Welcome back… Missed u so much.

    Finally the suspense opened.. Geet is Miss Handa. Maaneet shocked to the core. Maan insecure thinking if Geet leaves him n go to her home. Geet shaken n confused with her feelings. Whatever Mr. Handa within son was not acceptable. he should hv given a chance to them. Poor Geet suffered because of them.

    Maaneet are high on romance and passion. Geet is very bold today. They were taking their relationship on next level. Uff thank God Mr Handa came. I dint want them to consummate their relationship this early.

    Continue soon. Will be waiting

  10. U r back 😀
    Was waiting so desperately 😀
    N awesome update
    Geet got to know about her family
    N she dashed out from that house..
    Maan was so confused how to console her
    N also scared if her family takes her away :O
    Well what happed to the scared kitten!!,
    How she became wild cat :O
    Kitten Boro hoye gese 😛 lolzzz

    Missed u Apu…now update quickly 😀

  11. What was that
    Now they come forward
    After all she has been through
    What a bombshell for geet
    But what a way to take it outta her system
    She learned from the best after all
    Maan was so shocked when she jumped him
    And damn did she Arouse him like anything or what
    Damn did handas have to come then
    But geet man what she found out so sad
    If only her grandparents hadn’t rejected her parents
    They would be still alive
    But apart from that geet would have had a family
    Though she might not have met maan
    And what will happen when they find out about what maan did with geet
    Though can they really say anything about it
    When they are no less culprits

  12. sorrry for late comment
    Read it all over again Smile,… cant get tired of this

    So Geet came to know her past Confused
    the handas admitted it … so Geet s mother and father loved eachother secretly but the family was not ready to accept em

    I m glad tht Maan gave her the space … n is there for her
    so wid Geet s past brings up .. Maan s insecurities
    he s again scared of her leaving him

    Looks like Geet heard his innerthots
    Our cutie shy pie is heel bend on proving it worng
    Argh,,,,,, the Handas had to interrupt … now I m definitely angry wid em

    Pls update soon Smile

  13. wonderful update.. geet coming to know about her parents and grand parents… she is hurt and angry…. maan is also scared of the consequences after knowing about geets grandparents….geet showing her anger on maan…

  14. WOW… m so happy to see u back with update

    welcome back dear

    awesome update

    geet came to know about her family n maaneet both shocked with this new found info from handas

    maan console geet n gave space
    maan worried about their relation

    maaneet part was lovely….maan surprised with geet moves….. love it

    ohhh geet angry n maan commenting on her…hehehe

  15. nice part 57…so geet has family…aww…their hot romance is interrupted…hope handas don’t create any trouble…..

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