Geet was looking at the goodbye session of annie from her room’s window. She was longingly looking at the car…her…they way she hugged everyone…her loved ones goodbye…her family…the one she never had…

Suddenly Maan’s head turned and looked up at her window.She cringed away with disgust…His eyes captured hers but she moved away…at least he got to see her b4 him going out.

Maan saw annie off to her flight and went to office and called Adi in his cabin.he told her to lock the doors n blinds.

‘Adi u found those clips i send in ur email?’

‘y.yes sir…ahem..ahem’He couldn’t meet him in the eye.

‘when that bit*h had no shyness of clipping her secret videos with other rich guys then why the hell ur being shy?’

‘S..sir i just wanted to ask one thing…’


‘U knew this from the beginning?’


‘Toh phir bhi kyu aap usse rishta jode?’

He actually had never thought of it.”I actually…I was easy to…get…i…put a blind eye on this…thought she would… eventually..The thing was i never cared…That was her life…She can whatever the hell she wants…’

‘…Lekin Geet k baad…i understood…what relationship means…I will pick out ppl’s eyeballs if i see them on my geet in bad intention!!!…Let alone hurting her…’He was fuming even imagining it.

Adi was gaping at him jaw dropped.What the Hell this geet done to his careless boss!He had seen maan always in a carefree mood,his ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude on anything except his work really impressed him.His obsession was his work…his success…Seems Like His Boss Has Grown Another Obsession…A Young Girl Named Geet.

She must be something worth it.

‘…Anyways…i want you to make copies of it in every password protected folders of this office.And I want all the stuffs be done n leave by 2…except you.I have a special guest coming.We have to arrange lots of preparations for her nerves.’ Maan sat on his chair and smirked.


Maan ran to the main gate…Geet looked from the window and changed hurriedly into a white salwar suit.She felt really shy and awkward with her nightdress…funny why she felt comfy with it in front of maan…Her Maan.She blushed and hurriedly came down the stairs waiting to greet Annie.

‘How told u to electrify the main gate?Dekho meri haat ko kya ho gaya hain !!!’

“Uff annie tera ye complain…ooh!Accha mein sorry nini…Lekin tujhe bola kaun tha main gate khud kholne ko?”Maan entered the house checking her palm.

“Yeah its a little burnt”

“Little!!!Little???”Annie fumed at maan.

“Accha…a LOT burnt” He chuckled.

Huh…!Annie snapped and made a baby face pouting her lips at her palm…Annie thought she would give her bro a surprise by coming directly from London to her bro’s house.She was too excited so she tried to open the door by herself not knowing its electrified for security reason…so here she is with burnt palm complaining to her bhai…what she does as always.

The servants brought chilled water and they sat on the couch.Maan fishing out the ointment from the med box where annie was flinching with pain.

Suddenly Maan’s eyes fell on Geet.Whole time geet was gaping at them from a far corner.She looked like scared kitty afraid to welcome the new guest.Maan smiled assuring her and signaled her to come.Geet nervously came behind the sofa and peeped at annie’s hand.Annie came out of her gaga land…and looked behind at geet…found her sneaking in to see her palm.Annie showed her hand to geet with a pouting lip.

Geet looked at it…and blowed on it sympathetically…Maan & Annie were in awww…she eased up a little bit and came around to sit beside her…Maan smiled fondly at her,’U know nini,Geet too burnt her hand’ Maan said to annie.

‘Haww…Really??’Annie looked at geet with wide eyes and geet forwarded her hand to her.’Oh my my…tsk tsk tsk’she too blew on her finger and Geet gave a super shy smile, ‘Doesn’t…h…hurt …mm..uch’

Maan smiled & got up to arrange annie’s dinner…

Meanwhile Annie started talking to geet like she known her for a long time.and geet to eased up with her.Both developed a deep friendship and By the time maan was back both were sleeping on the couch cuddling with one another.

Maan made a “just great!!!”face and canceled their dinner.He came back and patted them to get up and un-pause their nap in the room.both woke up sleepily followed maan to the room.Maan showed Annie her bed and geet too broke on there.Maan tried to pull her up desparately but Annie whined,”Let her sleep here na?kyu disturb kar rahe ho aap?Now u go and sleep…the whole bed ur urs…araamse haat peir phelke so jana”

Maan couldn’t tell her that without geet he can’t sleep.He can’t be in peace unless he doesn’t have geet in his arms.With a broken heart and pouting lips and a sack full of betrayal face for geet ,Maan moved to his room.He thumped on the bed on a frowning face and slapped the table lamp off.Mumbled sumthing about his phooti hui kismaat and slept off.

In Early Morning,

Bird’s chirping didn’t wake him up…geet’s soft pecks on his cheek did.Maan opened his eyes lazily and blinked sumtimes to adjust the sun rays.He looked at geet…her fresh flower like face glowing with romance mood with a mix of shyness.She looked guilty for not sleeping beside him…but wanted to compensate with a morning kiss.But wanted to play along…he made a frown and got up and went to the washroom.Geet’s shy smile fell and became sad immediately.Maan freshen up and changed into jogging tracks and went out not even bothered to look back at geet.

Her smile faded and she got even more guilty.she looked at the bathroom and pouted.Annie came in in a sweatshirt n pants…all ready for work out and said,”where’s bhai geet..?”

Geet looked behind and said,”jogging…ppper”

“Oh toh tum jog nei karti?”

“neii…I get…t tired…soon”

“Hehehe…panjaab ki sherni haan?”Annie cracked a joke and laughed.Geet too giggled and asked,”I look…Punjabi?”

“well…i’m not sure…kahin kahin pe toh pura panjabbi lagte hain”She said being confused.”and salwaar suit mein toh pura gopi da phool lagti hain…ayee hayeee”She whistled and made naughty eyes and went away to catch up with her bhai in jogging.

Geet smiled but her mind was in deep thoughts…She looks like Punjabi…she came from a pujabi family…as far as she knows Punjabi ppl r so kind hearted and family oriented.Then how can her family gave her off?

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