Part : 47-50


She let out a shy sigh when Maan’s face diped into her nape…nuzzling and kissing with desparation.Her hands slowly went to his back ,softly grabbing him..holding him there.

She tilted her head giving him more space and realization kicked in him.She is still not matured enough to go through this intimacy.He lifted his head up and looked at her.She looked shy but not unhappy,not forced.That was more than enough for maan tonight.

His left hand combed away those strands from her face and made her face him.She slowly looked at him. Longing, shyness and above all…affection for him was oozing out of her eyes.The most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen.

He cupped her face and caresed her lower lip with his thumb.’‘U’ve clg tomorrow na jaan?”

all her emotions were dropped and disappointment were written all over her face.He didn’t even kiss her.When she didn’t like him he was all over her all the time and now when she starts to love him he’s scolding her and giving her lame excuse??

He kept staring at her being amused…he can actually make out everything she was thinking in her tiny brain.a big fat pout formed in her lips with a cute frown and in the next moment Geet was out of her grip,on the other corner of the bed showing her back to him.

He chuckled and scratched the back of his head.He now got her cute wifey to woo.

She laid there all curled up like a ball and knotting her brows like anything…he could have at least kiss her!huh!

Maan’s arm grabbed her waist and pulled her to him.Her back met his strong chest and he nuzzled her neck.‘Abb gussa matt karo na.’she shied and suddenly remembered she was she wriggled in his arms to be free…showing nakhras n all.Maan used his leg to hold her to himself and whispered,‘uhu…not gonna let u go..Now sleep or else…‘he slided his palm to her chest and slowly cupped her one curve.She gasped and he said,’ye toh shuruat hain jaan…’

being a red tomatto she hid her face in the pillow but smiled shyly…she liked his touch.

Maan to pulled her more into himslef…if it was possible…and slept with a smile on his face.


why she was feeling that she was hanging in air or in vacuum or sumthing she didn’t know…but it was defo a uncomfortable feeling.She slowly opened her eyes and saw the face man she wanted to escape from..Looking forward.and in the background the evening sky…almost night.

She batted her lashes and sqirmed in his arm.He looked down at her and smiled softly and said,‘U up already?’

she now realized he is carring her in bride style and she looked at her right to see where he was carrying her.

The structure of big fat Khurrana Mansion was looking like a jail centre to her.She terrorly looked back at Maan and started her wriggling to come down from his hold.He looked down at her and said,’not yet jaan…abhi toh bedroom nei pauche.’

she looked stupifed and started to protest 10 fold more.

She started to bang his chest and pushing him away from her and wriggling her legs and maan stopped in his tracks and looked at her amused.But amusement went away suddenly when she let out a cry.

‘CHUP!!’her attempts haulted and she looked at him scared eyes.’Bilkul chup’he whispered now.

She started to weep now and he resumed walking swiftly now.

He entered the hall and there Annie was standing with SD on the wheelchair.

She was telling Dadima to calm down and not to take anything so seriously.

SD’s all color went away from her face seeing geet in Maan’s arm.‘G…Geet??!’

Annie said,‘aap jaanti hain geet ko?’

‘she was the girl i wanted him to marry..’SD whispered being shocked to the core.

‘WHAT!!!!???’Annie shouted!

Annie looked back at Maan who walked pass them giving a damn with Geet in his arms where she still was protesting not giving up.

‘That means my bhai found his bhabi??‘Annie smiled slowly.

SD looked at her and said,‘ur Bhai is a monster…I don’t wish to see his face again in the rest of my life ever again!..Sam and he planned her to kill her…i know.I heard sam saying that dreadful morning in her cell when she knew maan took geet in his car…She was talking outside the house…but just beside my window.’

‘for that bitch aap Bhai ko kyu inzaam de rahi hain?I saw my bhai when he got the news of her false death…he became insane!Doctors had to put him unconcious for 3 days!and i still think he’s insanely obsessed with her!’

‘I know…Sam aur woh..’

‘Stop it dadima!Aap aise hi bhai per aise jhuta baat nehi thop sakte…i know he’s innocent and i know he loves geet.If he’d planned this fiasco then he would never jumped from that highty bridge and got himself nearly killed!!!Sam had planned it…i’m sure of it…but i won’t do anything cause this thing needs to be sorted out by bhai himself.’


Maan entered into his room and kicked the door shut.She freaked out seeing the room being decorated as a newly wedded couple.He straightly put her on the rosy bed and kissed her head.She looked up being horrified.

He lifted a glass of water from the side table and said,’Drink…u must be thirsty.’She looked at the glass and backed away fearing the water might be mixed with sleeping pills or sumthing…

”It’s not poisoned,see..”Maan had 2 sip from the glass and forwarded it to her more.But she slided her face being furious.

He grabbed her cheek and pulled her towards him and made him drink the water.

She choked and caughed and looked at the glass and him horrified.He rolled his eyes,’it’s just plain water…don’t give the look that i’ve made u swallow snake poison or sumthing’

she wiped her lips with the back of her hand and started the back away again…but he held her feet firmly pulling her to himself.’Y r u always upto go away from me??i’m not that bad once u get to know me…i won’t bite u…well i will…but that depends on the situation’he smiled naughtyly and pecked her cheek.’U relax…i’l just be back.’

saying this he went away and geet relaxed a bit.She got up awiftly and loced the door.She knew that this mansion is so big that she’ll be lost in it if she tries to escape now.So its safe to lock helself up in the room for now.

She ran to the large window and thanked the stars seeing the window has no grill.she can easily get down from it.She opened the window and looked down to see 3 bodyguards standing right down the window,Guarding her.

She defeatedly came back from the window and sat on the floor…and wept hiding her face in her palms.

She doesn’t know how long she was like that but suddenly a peck on her head made her jump out of her skin…she backed away seeing Maan sitting beside her on the floor.She being stupified looked back at the door which was closed.

‘I have keys of the doors…’ Maan seemed to understand what she was thinking. ‘Anyways came to have dinner with ur tired,so no need to come down to the dining hall,we’ll have dinner in our room.U fresh up.i won’t start without u.’Maan smiled and moved the strands behing her ear.

He stood up and pulled her up holding her hands.She flinched at his touch which he chose to ignore. ‘‘Here,take this.go and fresh up,change amd come out.will be waiting.”he handed over a packet to her and she didn’t take the packet…it dropped on the floor.

He looked at her and said,”I won’t allow u to wear anything that isn’t bought by my earnings geet…ur MY wife and u have full right on me and everything which is MINE.”

She stood still and clenched her jaw at the word husband.

”I know how to make u do things i tell u geet…don’t tempt won’t be good for u’‘He said softly…as if requesting her.

She jerked his hand away from his grip and turned away and suddenly Maan poured a glass of milk on her head.She gasped out of shock and looked at him horrified.

He forcefully made her grab the packet and pushed her to the washroom and close the door from outside,”U have 15 minutes…have a bath and change,otherwise i’ll come in and help u in ur work.”He said as if nothing happend.

She started to cry loudly having no strength to fight anymore…what did she do bad in her life that she deserved punishment like this??

She whimped away from the door when maan banged the door and said,”10 monutes!”

Geet jumped back and rushed to the shower…closing the shower curtain.She swiftly shampooed her hair and washed her body and hair.She grabbed the towels and wiped herslef and her hair.

”3 minutes”Maan said from far of the bathroom…and looked at the door and ran to the packet…the opened the box and saw a nighty there…White satin silk half sleave top and a long trouser.she sighed a little…at least it wasn’t something revealing like movies and stuffs.she hurriedly wore them and started to wipe her hair with a towel…and suddenly the door opened.

She jerked back with panic where maan was disappointing…firstly,he thought her wouldn join in the shower with her…or tease her,



past continues…

secondly the night dress was covering her full.He thought annie would pick up a revealing outfit.She was given one job and she took out a night gown of mid 18th century???

But suddenly he realised that she was looking drop dead gorgous!her semi long drenched hair..her glowing skin her doe shaped scared eyes made him almost loose control.

‘Uff…u could have been a little late na?I was planning to join u at the shower.’ Maan said a little pouting.

Geet looked at him like he was mad or sumthing.She flinched away from him and went away from the bathroom.

Maan said,’Wait.Lemme fresh up now…don’t start without me..’and closed the door.

She looked back at the temporary table.and the dinner.Her tummy ached out of hunger and she felt like falling down on the floor having to energy.She rushed to the table but didn’t wanted to eat anything of this house…But she didn’t want to show him that she waited for him too.

She was in dilema…She finally left the table and went out of the room…started to remember the way of the main gate.He turned right and then left…ot left then right..she looked at the 2 ways…right and left…both of the way looked same and wayyy long coridor made her confused..

…Until she felt two hands wrapped around her tummy pulling her close to a strong chest.His lips dropped several pecks on her shoulder and then his rough stubble was put on her nape.

”What r u looking for jaan?”He asked inncently and chukled,”Ur so small geet…i have to bend a lot to place my chin on ur shoulder.”

”But No biggie…no matter how small u r…U r perfect for me”He kissed her head with so much love and affection while she just stood there motionless.

”I’m hungy…U must be starving too”he pulled her to the way of their room and she went with him without protesting…yes she was hungry and she didn’t have the energy and control to resist food anymore.


Morning was nice for maan when he saw geet face was dipped in his chest and she had one hand his back…hugging him.He smiled feeling her in his arms like this and pulled her more close in him.He glanced at the big clock at the wall.6:45am.

”Geet..its 6:45…u wanna get up?”He seemed unsure cause yesterday she was jumping here and there at that time…getting ready for clg.

Geet moaned complaining and nuzzled in his chest.He asked smiling,’When does ur clg starts geet?’

Geet groaned.

‘If u wanna beat the traffic then we have to leave atlest half an hour ago,Cause VIP roads will be filled with cars too and u know na office hour too…ouch!’

Maan yelped when Geet scratched his back with her nail.

‘Ch..Chup karo na?’she moaned moving away from the hug and went to the other side…to get sum sleep for 5 min. more.

He rubbed his back a little when she scratched did’nt hurt much but he didn’t see that coming.

‘Strange..Didn’t know i would talk so much that i would get beaten up by my wife’he pouted.

Geet looked back at maan with sleepy eyes and sat up.

she looked at him apologeticly and turned him to see his back…he rubbed there so it was a little red and she thought that she caused that.She slowly rubbed the area and said,’S..sorry Maan’.

‘abb maarne k baad sorry bolneka kya fayda…’he said pretending to be sad.

She looked at him helplessly and kissed his cheek lightly and lifted her hands ro grab her ears.

But her held her palms and kissed them softly.’Arre was kidding with u…can’t even tease u?’

Geet’s face blushed and she softly scratched his chest for teasing her.

‘Arre..phirse maar dhaar??’He laughed and Geet giggled.

Life isn’t such bad after all.


He pulled her in the room and made her sit on a chair.He served her plate while kept asking about what dish she prefered.But she kept mum causing Maan to sigh and serve her his fav dishes.

She took the plate and slowly grabbed a spoon.”No need to be formal with me Geet…U know ur shiverring with hunger…u can’t even hold the spoon stedily…plz dig in.”

but she took a spoonfull of gravy with a nun.

He snatched the spoon from her and took the plate.He Grabbed geet’s chair and pulled it easily towards him as if there was a small weight on the it.She kind of yelped seeing moved so swiftly.He made a small mold and forwarded it to geet’s mouth.She kept looking at the ground.’I’m not gonna back off a bit seeing ur futile attemps geet.These faltu things doesn’t cause divorce.’he said being amused.

She looked at the food and then him..Her hunger was more powerful that her hatred so she opened her mouth forward and took the food from his hand.He smiled,”Good girl”

he kept feeding her and she kept eating from her hand without any protest afterwards.He handed over a glass of water to her.and she grabbed it a gulped it in one go.

”Very good…Now give me my price for feeding u.”He said putting the plate on the table.

She looked horrified.

”Just a kiss on the cheek…nothing more…but if u wanna do more than that then i’ll be more that happy”
He said being amused and forwarding his cheek to her.

She looked at him being disgusted and got up from the chair…but Maan grabbed her wrist and pulled her down to him..on his lap.He kissed her cheek tightly and nuzzled in her half wet hair and take a long breath in it…its so much of a nice feeling.

She tried to pushed herself up from him…but her held her close and called the intecom to take the arrangements away.

All the time he was holding her to himself with a straight face while they took away everything.When they went away closing the door,Maan took her to the bed and sat in front of her.

”I saw ur medical reports,I even talked with the doctors!They said u can talk after that opp…Is this true geet?Have u said anything yet…or tried to say anything yet?”

Geet kept mum.

”Bolo na??”Maan whined.

She kept looking down.

”Is that a no?..uff atleast sign sumthing na?”Maan said impaitaintly.

It was irritating for her…he’ll be stuck with it unless she answers.So she signed (Not yet)

”oh…ok..then u can say my name for the first time…Maan!That’ll be perfect.”He said suddenly getting cheerful.

She kept looking at him with loath.

”Ok bedtime…on which side u prefer?”He added..’I sleep at the…’his words sliped away seeing her getting up taking a pillow and move to the window.

She placed the pillow on the window seat and lay down there.Maan saw her doing that and he just scooped her in his arms before she could place her head on the pillow properly.

”If u do that again i swear i won’t wait for our honeymoon anymore.”

he placed her on the bed again and made her lay and he turned off all the lights.Coming closer to her he hugged her from the back and said,”We have to talk about our issues and future geet…but now is not the right time.Just relax and sleep.U really need that,Good Night Geet.”and kissed her head and driffed away in deep sleep.

She kept looking at the open window and the moon and the natural scenary outside,she felt like a bird bounded in a cage…and a little window of hope was teasing her by reminding that she is and will be stuck no matter how she tries.

But she still has to try…



Maan was reaching for a tie from the cabinet but geet jumped in.He backed away being comfused.She chose a same colored tie of his shirt and happily gave it to him.He smiled and signaled her to knot it also.Her face dropped and she looked down being sad, ‘n…n..nehi..aata.’

aww…how sweet!He pulled her cheek and said,‘Ok i’ll teach u…but at evening..abhi hume der ho raha hain na geet?’

Geet instantly got busy with her bag.She prepared her lessons last night and practiced her excuse in her mind.

He sat in the dining where geet gave him his breakfast.
They quickly finished their food and hurried to the car.She was about to go to the other car but pulled her to his car.She got confused, ‘but…’

‘It’s your first day,haq toh banta hain na?’

geet shied down.

Driver,U and my BGs get on that car and follow us.

The driver obliged and Maan sat on the driving seat putting her on the next seat and started to drive.

On the road he was in a very good mood!Man!what a start of a day! These type of contentment was never felt by him.the girl of his life was with him,that made his lips curved in a smile.

‘So…what would u say to the teacher why couldn’t u come yesterday?’
Maan started to talk and tease her.

‘..sir,I was…s..sick’ She said as if she was a nervous actor of a stage drama.

‘Poor acting geet‘He chuckled while looking ahead…and she frowned and pouted.

‘Be relaxed…and try not to stammer on the lying word ‘sick’.

‘Sir,I…i was sick’ she obeyed his advise.

‘Better…but not enough.’

He kept making her say that sentence 8 times where she finally got irritated.

‘uff…sir i was sick!’she suddenly blasted on him saying that without stammer and gasped!

‘Good…now what happened to u?’

‘Fever…a lottt.’

‘High fever geet‘he chuckled and corrected her.

‘High fever geet’ he chuckled and corrected her.

She nodded her head being nervous n he just smiled eying her.

‘Ok we’ve reached.’maan said looking ahead.

Geet looked at her college and gulped hard.This buildings n campus r looking way bigger than it looked like in the pictures. She became anxious and looked at Maan with afraid eyes.

He smiled and grazed her cheek with his palm.’U’ll be fine geet,ur a brave and intelligent girl so there’s nothing to be afraid of’

She smiled a little being reassured and nodded.She looked back at the clg and took of her seat belt.She was about to open the door,but Maan pulled her to him.She looked at him being confused.

‘Do u know y i took this car jaan?’he asked in a low voice..there noses were touching.she confusedly looked ah him.

‘It’s windows r thai glass,ppl can’t see whats happening inside of the car.’he whispered in her ears and she felt her ears were heated.her cheeks burned and heart raced.

She tried to hide her shy smile but he caught it by a explosive kiss that left her breathless.she closed her eyes as she felt his left arm around her waist pulling her more close to him.

His lips worked against hers with passion and she felt her limbs would melt.she shakily softly held his neck.

He pulled her more close if that was possible,she whimpered out of pleasure and kissed him back, without even realizing, nibbling on his lower lips.

He smiled in the kiss and let her do what she was she doing and meanwhile his large palms slipped inside her kurti,grazing her sides, slowly making their way to her ever so soft curves.

When his hands cupped her curves she forgot where she was,what happened in the past,what type of hatred she saved for him…

She wrapped her hands around his neck pulling him closer and bit his lower lip.

His action were delicate,were careful enough not to startle her,but her one response makes him loose control.

He grabbed her waist round and pulled her to his seat on his lap and to his wonder and excitement she to crawled to him.he placed her on his lap without breaking the explosive kiss, cause she was kissing him back and he can’t afford to loose this moment.his palms desperately again went inside her kurti directly sliding to the hem of her bra.

His thumbs slowly grazed the area of her ni*** and she gasped out of pleasure. His palm cupped her ever soft breasts…molding them and squeezing them with desperation…yet gently, She was panting and quavering out of bursting pleasure in the still continuing kiss.

Suddenly Maan pulled himself away from her and panted looking at her eyes,Her face was flushed and she was looking as if she doesn’t even have the energy to stand.

He felt guilty and naughtily proud of himself for respectively making her this weak just b4 her clg,and making her this exhosted with his passion,he didn’t even start anything and she looks this flushed?wonder how she’ll look when he’ll make love to her senseless?

He was relishing his dirty thoughts while she was on his lap,recovering her usual pace of breath,looking down.His both palms were placed on her waist.He eyed her position on him,her one palm was grabbing on the fabric over his chest and other was loosely holding his shoulder.His heart pumped violently under her grip.

”Ahem…’‘he awkwardly caughed a little to start a convo.

”We’ve…reached our..i mean your clg,…”

But she wasn’t listening to what he was saying,as soon as maan pulled himself away she was in deep thought.She wanted this happy life…a romantic hubby, small family…devoid of any complication.

And Right now only she is capable of fetching this simplicity,washing this awkward complication away,making each other comfortable and easy with each other.

She has to do this,This is the right time…

”u better go in,though u have almost 1hr more but u should…”

his words blocked sum where as he was pushed against the chair by Geet.He looked at her wide eyes,flabbergasted by her push.She pressed herself onto him and started to kiss his jaw…

Thunder ran down his body realizing this is actually happening,she is literally biting his face off.

in a car,middle of a almost empty clg campus,in a compromising position,

…its like his wildest fantasy coming true!



He groaned and tilted his head giving her access,he loved her demanding and raw touches on him.He relished her authoritative touches on his body.He never was like this,he always took the lead,but having the girl of ur life love u is the bliss he was experiencing,and it felt so unfamiliar yet pleasurable as hell! He never had gone though this type of pleasure.and he loved it.he fell for her again big time.

he felt his hypersensitive part became so erect that it was almost painful.

‘Geet what are u doin..’b4 finishing his ex hosting and panting sentence,she bit his upper lip to stop talking and ruin this passion.

He felt goosebumps all around him.she was teasing him and he wanted her plan to backfire,to show that her hubby was naughtier than she could ever imagine.She wanted to play dirty…then lets play dirty.

He grabbed her hand and slides it down to his extra-super-excited member.He thought she’d flinch and back away being embarrassed and defeated. Well she did flinch,but what she did made maan totally baffled and aroused to the extreme.She palm stiffed on his member but didn’t back away.instead she slowly and lightly grabbed it over the fabric.He jolted with her bold move and looked at her stunned.She didn’t show either nervousness or shyness.She slowly pecked his chin and squeeze it a little.Maan groaned with her unexpected explosive torture.

”I’m begging u jaan,plz don’t do that…this is not the right time or the place,…jaan plz look around,ppl have started to come to campus.”

(But u brought this privacy car na?)she signed releasing his ‘stuff’ (LOL) and he felt like he got his life back.

He was super confused with her super bold moves,

‘Yeah but i never imagined u’d literally suck my face off and do ‘that’…’he said being shy…

Yes,he was shy…he was feeling like a teenager who’s crush just kissed him.
His manhood was throbbing painfully but he needed to focus…to divert his turned on body.

‘well i planned to show u the whole clg today but now i can’t…no thanx to u…‘he said showing fake anger.

She giggled at his childishness,and to see her bold move do the trick perfectly.their relation has eased a bit…no,a lot!She pulled his cheek and he whined cutely,’auu!what was that for?’

she wondered how effective her plan was!in a matter of minutes they were close as ever!

She pecked his right cheek one last time before getting off his lap and sat on her seat,adjusting her dress where he did his shirt,…and pants…he kept mumbling complaining..with a cute grumpy face and she awed.

”Maan…vocal cclaass…kabb se hain?”

she wanted to talk with him,he wanted to response to his voice with her own.The process always felt magical to her and she just couldn’t help waiting for it more to apply on her husband.


‘Oh,its in room no.1525 after clg schedule daily.’

‘okie dokie’ she said smiling at him and he wondered whats gotten into her suddenly?!

She cheerfully pecked his lips and opened the door,and looked back at him,giving her best good bye smile and got out of the car.

Maan too smiled back and said,‘enjoy the rest of ur day’

he saw her walking to the buildings and he smiled at her,without any cause.

He doesn’t need any cause to smile around his geet.

he drove to the office and went straight to his cabin,all the time he was grinning like a fool.he somehow composed himself in front of the staffs while going but as soon as he entered and locked himself in his cabin,he continued his super shy smile.

He never thought in his life that they could be this close this fast. He sat on his chair and shook his head to broom away his thoughts and conc. On his works.

He checked the clock and saw this time geet’s class had started.5 more hours to go to see her again!he sighed and called Adi to start his day of office.

At Geet’s College:

geet got out of the car and walked to the building,she was feeling maan’s stare on her back,she smiled shyly but didn’t look back,she needs to focus and forget about what happened in the car,otherwise she would die of embarrassment…and drooling.

Shaking her head and moving aside these thoughts for the leiser time, she went to the office and collected her necessary papers. Maan had arranged everything for her,a standby to advise her schedules and stuffs.

She went in front of her first class and took a deep breath.she was nervous.She was feeling scared to tackle a huge number of sets of eyes as she’ll look for seat to sit down there.But she’s a brave girl, at least she’s Maan’s brave girl!she smiled and went in the lecture gallery.

She went in and saw many students are jumping,talking, singing,making hue and cry in various groups.they looked extremely cool and different than her,she nervously walked and looked around to have a seat in a suitable the time many of the students noticed geet.Girl’s were eyes her up and down,trying to find faults in her and boys were drinking in her beauty like shameless.

Geet diped her head down as she can’t tackle staring.She helplessly looked around to find a seat where she could sit down to duck down there stares.

There…she found a seat…its kinda in the middle,but she’s got no option as most of the others r occupied,as many of them had reserved them for their frnds n all.

She took a seat and looked down at her bag,she could feel ppl’s stares like needles.she wished any other ppl to enter and divert the attention to herself or himself…

Well her wish was granted…but it resulted in a different way…

In Maan’s office:

it was time for another conference and maan again looked at the watch.Uff…only 12:19!

He wanted to see her smiling face.He wanted to have her in his arms.But alas, He has 4 more meetings.

He sighed to see who’ll he meet next…Mr. Handa.He’s a nice guy, and he respected his for his excellent knowledge and experience,but he was too free with him,thats what made maan uneasy,he goes personal with him.

Which he doesn’t prefer…but couldn’t say no too as he was much more elder and he was fond of the innocent nature of this nice guy.

He welcomed him warmly but Mr.Handa pulled Maan into a massive hug…with messing maan’s hairs n all…like a grand papa-grand kid hug.It was awkward in front of the staffs,and he smiled shyly…he was feeling uneasy but not angry.

He politely led him to the meeting hall.and they started discussing about projects.




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